AdSense Optimization: Readers friendly ad unit for increase earnings significantly

Readers friendly ad unit
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AdSense Optimization is a process where you can modify your ad units which will improve the quality of your site as well as it will increase Ad revenue steadily. There are many site those are lose traffic only for misplacement of Ads. Including multiple affiliates ads in one site make slower that create drawbacks for visitors in slower Internet connection.

However webmaster think that more ads means more revenue but this concept is totally wrong. Remember that Ads always make hindrance for readers and many of them stop visiting those website permanently. As a result rapid drop of traffic lead to fall of revenue from ads.

For this reason we have to optimize ads thus by using maximize ad space with multiple ad unit we can increase our AdSense ad revenue. On the other hand our site will run faster.

In AdSense how many Ads and Ads unit we can use? This is a simple question but most of the newbie don’t know about this. We can use following AdSense ads and ads unit-
  • 3 Ad Unites (e.g. 300x250 Medium Rectangle, 728x90 Leaderboard)
  • 3 Link Ads (e.g. Text link only)
  • 2 Search Ads (e.g. 2 Ads appear on search result only)

If you add all type of ads in your blog or website then your site must become slower. So we have to place recommended ads size which has recommended by Google. According to Google those recommended Ad size can increase your Ads revenue by 25% without slowing your site. Because performance of those Ad unit help you to build better site. The most recommended Ad units are-
  • 336x280 Large Rectangle
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728x90 Leaderboard
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper

Ad size

And obviously those Ad size perform well in any website because those are readers friendly. Google AdSense only focus on Ad units rather focusing on Text link ads and search ads, because Ad units contain banner ads which are easily attract site visitors and they feel interest to click on Ads.

Nevertheless, Google told that if your revenue drop after using their recommended Ad size then you can stop using those.

If your site still got better speed they you can tailor your site by text link. Because text ads link fit in any location of your site.

revenue rate

The above image showing the performance of different AdSense ad units. Where found larger Ad unit generate higher revenue. 

In case of search Ads there are many confusion because it not easy to setup but response rate is quite low. 

In conclusion, all sites are not equal so all recommended ads may not work for your site. But based on most of the AdSense users they have found the best result on recommended ads size. However Ad size is not only factors to generate higher revenue, rather there are many factors involve to boost up your AdSense ads revenue. I will explain those factors in several articles which will publish as series. So stay tunes for best guideline. 
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