How to proclaim an Adult blog for child safety?

Blogger Beginners: How to proclaim an Adult blog for child safety?
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Blogger must be aware about their content, though it is safe for child or suitable for adult only. There are many children surfing web for their personal interest but major portion of children brows for games only. And among them accidentally enter into adult site which is very bad for children mental health. For this reason there are many online rules and regulation has introduced to make the web safest place for children.

Google Blogger is a leading platform where you can control every aspect of Blogging features. You can easily restrict your blog safe for children.

If your blog content any adult content but it is not proclaim or declare on Google then your site may delete by Google and ban your site on Search Engine as penalty. Because adult content without declaration violate Google’s terms of service.

So to protect your blog you must declare to Google about your blog content. declaring your blog content follow the below step-

Step 1 Sing in to your Blogger Account and Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now Under Blogger Dashboard Go to  -> Settings -> Other 

Blog setting

Step 3 Now go to Adult Content and Select -> No

blog content

Step 4 Finally click on Save Settings button from top right corner of the page.

Now test your blog, just write your blog or website address and see a notification message will appear about the adult content. So if the visitors is adult then they can proceed to the site. Similarly visitors with under age won’t enter into the site.

warning message

Some Blogger may think it will affect their Blog traffic but this is wrong because real visitors will visit the site. But if you don’t declare then suddenly Google will delete your site so it’s better to declare.
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