How to Add Scroll Bar in any Blog Widget

How to Add Scroll Bar in any Blog Widget
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Blogger use many widget in different section of template. But sometimes due to massive use of blog widget it is require to compact some widget. Suppose you are using popular post on sidebar which is occupy many space where you can use those space for other widget but if you add scroll bar technique in sidebar then it will save the space. Same technique can be apply in case of related post widget. Those who are using text base related post but can't display more that 5 related posts then by adding this scroll bar widget you would able to display 15 related post where more chance to increase page views. On the other hand by compacting the widget your blog template loading speed will increase. Though this is simple trick but often found handy.

Adding Scroll Bar solve the problem about blog footer widget equality. Many blog templates footer section is not equal if there are using several widget. Suppose you are using 3 column footer and added 3 or 4 widget then you have to make equal height of all 3/4 widgets. So by adding this trick you would able to make equal all widgets. The main thing you would able to display more things within small space. So let's proceed to the tutorial.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Go to your Layout tab.

Step 3 Click on "Add a Gadget" then Select "HTML/JavaScript" Widget.

Step 4 Now Copy the below code and Paste it in "HTML/JavaScript" Gadget.

<div style="overflow:auto; width:100%; height:200px; padding:10px; border:1px solid #eee;">
Place Widget's HTML Code Here


  • Change 100% for adjusting width of the widget
  • Change 200px for adjusting height of the widget
  • Change eee for border color.
  • Replace Place Widget's HTML Code Here with your widget's HTML code.
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