What policies to pursue for Getting Google Adsense Approval Fast

What policies to pursue for Getting Google Adsense Approval Fast
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Many people’s are trying to get Adsense approved account for their blogs. But they can't get it. They are trying Google AdSense because it is a popular program for making money online. Adsense is so sensitive than the other online earning programs. Google has a strict set of policies regarding the approval. They will follow that policy. Some blogs are getting banned from Adsense after getting approvals. But now we are not going to discuss why they have banned it? In this article I'll give some tips that must be followed by you before applying for the Google AdSense account. And these bellow tips will be helpful for those people who are banned for using AdSense account. If you follow these tips then you will get approved by Google AdSense quickly.

Unique Content

All the blogs are saying this that " Content is the King of your Blog " Well that is true. Your site must contains unique content which means your blog`s content must be original. And those articles must provide valuable information which should be useful for others. If your site contains some duplicate content which was copied from other blogs then you must delete those articles immediately. Please keep only unique articles in your site. And this topic was so important for getting Google AdSense approval.

Blog is Baby or Teen?

After reviewing your content they will see your age of your blog. So before applying for an adsense account your site must be at least 6-8 months old. Don't apply adsense for a new blog. Once your blog is six or seven months old then apply for Adsense account. For till this time don't add any other websites ads. Your blog should be ads free and with original content. But by using BlogSpot sub domains it is easy to get approval than other site. But I recommend to your use .com

Number of Articles

Don't apply for AdSense account with less number of posts on your blog. Before applying your blog must have about 30-50 posts. This is so important. And the most important thing is your article must contains unique and quality content. After writing 50 post you can apply for adsense account. This will surely help you to get an fast approval for your adsense account.

About your traffic

If you get less than 100 visitor daily then you can't get approval for your adsense account. And don't apply adsense for those blogs. It is better, your blog must have a good and highly targeted traffic. There must have at least 10000 page views per month. You must drive more traffic to your blog before applying this program. Because, a blog having good traffic can easily get Google AdSense approval. This was proved by many big bloggers.


Terms and Conditions

Before applying for adsense account you need to read their terms and conditions. I know that you have not yet read their terms and conditions. It's not a matter. At least read it today. Visit this link for reading Terms and conditions for getting approval for adsense account https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms to read and follow their terms and conditions.

Read Privacy Policies

IF you're following Adsense old Privacy Policy then leave it. Recently adsense has updated their policies. These policies will cover all the information about adsense. So, check out this privacy policy to get more knowledge about adsense, https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182?hl=en.

99% Hard work and 1% Luck

After following these tips you will surely get approval for your adsense account. If you're true then god will give reward for your hard work and the remaining is on your luck. Try those and share your thoughts in comments. If you have any problem about using Google Adsense, please drop a comment below so that I can surely help you to resolve those problems.

Hope above tips and trick will help you to get approval from Google AdSense fast. And always cope with latest AdSense terms and conditions to avoid getting banned. 

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