How to add Auto Refresh function in Blogger Site?

How to add Auto Refresh function in Blogger Site?

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Auto refresh function usually used for reloading or refreshing the page after certain interval. Suppose a visitor enter into a Blog site and in the meantime Blogger has updated some posts but not refreshing the page, in that case auto refresh works greatly. Actually this function greatly work which site update regularly. There are many sports site which are about Cricket, Football or any other games score update regularly, for that kinds of site auto refresh function is perfect. Because if any user wants to auto refresh the page then s/he has to press F5 button from keyboard or have to use mouse pointer. This feature massively used on WordPress site but in Blogger we can use easily.

Another positive site of using auto refresh function that it will increase your Page view rapidly. It works like magic. Suppose a visitor enter into your site and reading an article after regular period of time this page will reload automatically and Blogger will count per load as new page view. So I think you will like this widget to increase your Blog page view.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on Now click on -> Template -> Edit HTML

Step 3 Now find the <head > by pressing Ctrl+F 

Step 4 Copy the code from below and Paste the code after/below <head> 

<meta content='300' http-equiv='refresh'/>

Step 5 Now simply hit the Save template Button. 


  • Here 300 second used that means 5 minutes. (60 second = 1 minute). That means every 5 minutes Blog page will automatically refresh. So Change 300 with different digit.

If you want to  refresh your page automatically after 10 minutes then simply add code like below-

<meta content='600' http-equiv='refresh'/>

That's it. I hope now you will able to increase your page view by using this widget. Thank You. 

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good ideas :) very helpful to new bloggers .

Good Post

Yes this trick can generate more page view. :as

Auto page refresh for blogger is valid? Is violate adsense policy?

Hi Utkarsh, Simple answer is no. AdSense Publishers are not permitted to refresh a page or an element of a page without the user requesting a refresh. This includes placing ads on pages or in placements that auto-redirect or auto-refresh. Additionally, publishers may not display the ads for a preset time (i.e., pre-roll) before users can view content such as videos, games, or downloads.

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