Index Blog Content Faster by Fetch as Bingbot

Index Blog Content Faster by Fetch as Bingbot

Major search engine available able over the net Google, Bing, Yandex etc. Among them Google search engine get first priority for content indexing. Beside this Bing search engine has a good amount of traffic where we can easily divert traffic from there. Most of the Blogger ignore being or some of them don't  know how to use Bing webmaster tools. But by indexing our Blog content we can easily divert traffic. But If you just submit sitemap through Bing webmaster tools then it will take some specific time to get index your Blog content. And another limitation is your latest posts will take longer time to get index on Bing search engine.

So the solution is to use Fetch as Bingbot thus your Blog content can instantly index and Bingbot can crawl the content on search engine.

Fetch As Bingbot allows you to request a page be crawled and shown to you as our crawler would see it. You will see the page code as Bingbot would see it, helping you to understand if Bing are seeing your page as you indented.

This is obviously  true that after indexing your content on Bing search engine those will get visibility upon search query. So just follow the below steps to fetch your Blog content as Bingbot.

Step 1 Go to and expend Diagnostics & Tools and select Fetch as Bingbot link.


Step 2 Now under Fetch as Bingbot you will find FETCH field where you have to add your Blog post's links. Just paste the link there and click on FETCH button.

Fetch as Bingbot

Step 3 Bingbot instantly index your Blog content. And able to crawl in Bing search engine. You can see the Link status for ensuring the index on Bing search that it says Completed.

So  indexing on Bing search engine is very easy. We can get more traffic after indexing the Blog content on Bing search engine. Thank you. 
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