How to verify WordPress Site via Google Webmaster Tools

How we can easily verify wordpress site in Google Webmaster tools

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To get organic traffic for WrodPress blog from search engine you must verify your site first in different search engine. Though Google is the giant and leading search engine so at the beginning of site verification we must very our WordPress blog in Google Webmaster Tools.

Note that the first step of site optimization is to verified by search engines. For getting a Google verified site you must take help of Google webmaster tools. And to get access into the tool you must have Gmail account.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google’s Webmaster tools is a combination of some great tools that designed for web service. And by using this service webmasters able to know their content index status, Broken link, Quick indexing, Crawl rate, Traffic information. as well as provide site verification service, optimize visibility of websites. And the all services are totally free.

How to verify WordPress Site into Google Webmaster Tools?

Some newbie think that this is quite difficult to verify their WordPress site in Google Webmaster tools. But within 5 minutes we can easily verify our WordPress site. For verifying your site in Google Webmaster Tools just follow the below steps

Step 1 Go to and sign in with a Google account

Step 2 Now write your website’s URL and hit the Add A Site button.

Google webmaster tools

Step 3 A pop up window will appear just enter the URL of your site. And click on Continue.

Step 4 A new screen will appear, you will be asked to verify the ownership of the WordPress site. There are several option available like, Adding Meta Tag, Uploading an HTML file, Verify via your domain name and hosting provider, Google Analytics code and Google Tag Manager.

We will use most easiest way to verify our WordPress site. For your convenience I am explain 2 method.

Verify WordPress Site by Using HTML File upload Method

Among various verification method using HTML File upload method is mostly recommended. Because through this method you can verify your site without any error. So for verifying your site through HTML file upload just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Now just click on HTML File upload under recommended method and click on
Download this HTML verification file.

HTML file upload

Step 2 Your HTML file will download in your computer.

Step 3 Now login to your cPanel account and click on File Manager

file manager

Step 4 From top of the screen click on Upload button and then a new window will appear, from there click on Choose file and select the downloaded HTML File from Google Webmaster Tools.

upload files

Step 5 After upload the file return to the File Manager page. Most of the cases it will automatically return to the File Manager page.

Step 6 In this step again go to the Google Webmaster Tool's verification page and click on VERIFY button from the bottom of the page. A success message will appear.

Verify WordPress Site by Using Meta Tag (Alternate Method)

Alternatively using Meta Tag for site verification is the easiest way. If you are not using HTML File upload method then just select Meta Tag under Alternate method and automatically a Meta Tag code line will appear. And now follow the below steps-

Step 1 Now Copy the Meta Tag line provided by Google. And return into your WordPress Dashboard.

HTML tag

Step 2 From WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance ->Editor

Step 3 from Editor Panel click on Header from right side of the screen and find <Head>

header php

Step 4 Now below <Head> paste the Meta Tag line provided by Google. And click on Update File at the Bottom of the screen.


Step 5 Again Return to the Google Webmaster Tool's verification page and click on VERIFY button.

Step 6 A message will appear with Congratulations that means your WordPress site has successfully verified. And simply click on Continue link to enter into your Site Dashboard on Google Webmaster tools.


Hope the above two method will help you to verify your WordPress site successfully. Beside of those method you can verify your site through Plugin but this method is applicable if you don't want to use any Plugin. However you can use both method for double verification. Let me know which method is more preferable by you. And if you have anything to add then feel free to leave your feedback. 

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