How to Host Image By using Blogger Static Page?

Host Image By using Blogger Static Page

Image host

New Blogger often use third party image hosting service (e.g. photo Bucket, Image shark etc.) for host their blog image. For this reason they upload image first and get the link from there finally add it in their blog. There are some bad effect if using third party Image hosting service that
  • Image link maybe delete any time
  • It will increase blog image loading time and eventually blog become slower to load
  • If your third-party image hosting account block or ban then you won’t able to see your blog image.
  • Image hosting space also limited where you won’t able to upload according to your desire.
However we can use Google as image hosting service which will help to load image faster and won’t delete by anybody. Unlimited space for uploading your blogger images. For hosting image on Google we will use Blogger static page. Just follow the below steps for hosting blogger image on Google.

Step 1 Sing in to your Blogger Account and Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now Click on Blogger Dashboard -> Pages -> Blank Page

Step 3 Write Image Backup on Page Title field and  Click on Insert Image icon

insert image

Step 4 From the popup window -> Select Choose Files

image files

Step 5 Now select any image from your hard drive for hosting
 select image

Step 6 Now your image upload progress will display like below screen shot 


Step 7 Now after completing upload just click on image and then click on Add selected 

Upload image

Step 8 You will find the image on your Static Page body. So to get the image link right click on image  -> Copy link address

image link

Step 9 (Optional) You can get image from HTML mode. Just Click on HTML from beside of Compose mode.

Step 10 After copying the image code don't click on Publish button, Just click on Save And Close Button. It will Keep your Image Backup page in Drafts thus your blog visitor don't get access in your image page.

image draft

Congratulations you have successfully hosted your blog image on Google. If your template included Blogger Page Menu then you should keep your Image backup page hidden (draft mode). If you accidentally Published your Image Backup page then For hiding the page in Blogger just drag the page at the right side under Drafts section that’s it.

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