How to Fix datePublished: missing and required Error?

Remove Post Update error instantly by updating markup in data structure. Learn how to fix datePublished: missing and required Error from Blogger Template.

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missing update error

In most of the Blogger template you will see an error about post publishing date. You won’t see this error on Blogger template because this is not visible. But if you check your Blogger template through Google structured Data testing tools then you would see this error. Please check your Blogger template by visiting below link-
The problem may arise for this error on your Articles Rich Snippets. Because search engine won’t able to display your Post’s rich snippet on search engine result page due to datePublished error. This is not exactly a major error but critical error for search engine result page. Because Search Robot won’t understand when your Blog post is updating? Because search engine always love latest updates from your Blog. And according to updates they will index the posts as soon as possible. For datePublished error search machine exactly can’t detect about your post update date as a result it will take time to index. For this reason your Posts won’t get higher position on search engine result page. So as soon as possible we should fix this error.

articles rich snippet error

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard click on ->Template ->Edit HTML 

Step 3 And locate script like below from your Blogger template

<span class='post-timestamp'>
                <b:if cond='data:top.showTimestamp'>
                  <b:if cond='data:post.url'>
                    <meta expr:content='data:post.canonicalUrl' itemprop='url'/>
                    <a class='timestamp-link' expr:href='data:post.url' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' expr:title='data:post.timestampISO8601' itemprop='datePublished'><data:post.timestamp/></abbr></a>

Note that the above script may not exactly match with your Blogger template. But find similar code from your template. 

Step 4 Finally replace the above code by below script.

<span class='post-timestamp'>
               <span class='post-timestamp'>
<b:if cond='data:top.showTimestamp'>
      <b:if cond='data:post.url'>
          <a class='timestamp-link' expr:href='data:post.url' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published updated' expr:title='data:post.timestampISO8601' itemprop='datePublished'><data:post.timestamp/></abbr></a>

Step 5 Now simply hit the Save template button.

In the updated code I just brought a little change. You may notice that itemprop='datePublished' this simple line added in post published markup. And this will give more information to Search engine robot about post publishing date.

Now whenever you would publish content in your Blog then search robot can easily understand when your post has published. I mean exact publishing date.

article rich snippets error fixed

I hope now your datePublish error has fixed. For more surety check your template again through Google structured Data Testing Tools. And after solving this issue your Articles Rich Snippets will be error free and able to get better visibility on search engine result page. Happy Blogging!!!

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Thanks Broski

Welcome Bro... :D

I great post but in my case is not fixed yet :(

Hi Faz, In some template post-timestamp code remain twice. SO use the above code 2 times. Hope it will fix the issue.:up

Thanks but still not fixed :(

There are another step you can try.. Just go to Blogger Dashboard ->Settings -> Lanugage and formatting->

Locate "Timestamp Format" and select time format like "7/10/2016" this from drop manu.

Your problem will solve now. Because Google search engine can't read all "Timestamp Format". :up

thank you for this work and help you have giving to me i like this blog

Thank u mate,
hope it fixed :)

Hi DWI, You are most welcome. :-d

Anonymous 2/10/2017

hi, solved it in my site

Congrats Voti-fanta, I love to hear that this tutorial help you. :-bd

Thank you so much bro, finally solved my problems on structured data testing tool

Hi Rabbi
Did not work for me unfortunately. I tried what you suggested and also have it set in language and formatting. Any other suggestions?
Thanks, helpful site.

Hi Binary,
In some template post-timestamp code remain twice. One for homepage and another for post page. So replace both script by using the above code.
Thank you. ^_^

Hi Alfarez,
I'm so happy to hear that. Thank you. :dn

Not work for me!

Hi Jame, ^_^
Many Blogger theme contain date publish script 2 times. So you have to replace both script by above script.

I can not find this code because i using wordpress theme , how can i fix this error ?
this my website

Hi Muchsin
You can use different Plugins in WordPress. You don't have to fix it manually on WordPress theme.

Hi Rabbi :)
thank you, that solved my problem.
Best regards

Welcome Bro :)

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