How To Find Logo Ideas And Create Your Own Wordpress Logo for Business?

Building a business online via Wordpress is a new trend. If you want to run a business, you must consider the Wordpress approach, as it’s the simplest way to build up a webshop online. Whether you are a Wordpress user or a new business enterpriser, getting a new effective logo will definitely give you huge advantages. This article will surely present you with the most effective method to make a free, effective Wordpress logo.

In the era of the Internet, digitals, quantum and e-commerce are dominating the world. If you want to start a business now, it’s necessary to consider running a business online since it’s a profitable market. For many famous brands, they’ve chosen Wordpress to build up their own online shops. In order to make your online shop stand out, you can never achieve it without an effective logo. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to find brilliant logo ideas fast, and how to make your own Wordpress logo for business easily. Though some Wordpress package contains logo design 

Creating a logo for your blog might seem like a tough task, and many new bloggers have no idea where to start. 

However, with a lot of online logo design services available, making a logo design on your own is no longer as difficult as it used to be. 

The Tricks in Logo Design 

The logo looks simple, but when you get serious and begin studying how to make a good logo, you’ll soon realize how naive you’ve been. 

How To Find Logo Ideas And Create Your Own Wordpress Logo for Business?

Apple logo looks simple, right? But when you google it, you’ll find the theory of mathematics, storytelling, and many more. From official testimony, they may not say those theories are true. But one thing is for sure, the brand team did spend a lot of time working on their logo design. 

A logo is a brand and representative of a company, culture, and brand services. So it’s the essence of all, and should be treat seriously. Logo design costs a lot of work to conceive logo ideas. 

First thing first, understand your business and clients. 

What do you do? Who are your clients? How will you provide services to satisfy them? It’s the business principle for all fields. The logo should reflect all these elements in its design - The very first time when an audience sees a logo decides the first impression for the company. 

So, the logo should contain information for the company. And, there is too much information to express! However, the logo shouldn’t include too much information, as viewers don’t have enough patience. Plus, the logo doesn’t have enough space for your stuffing. 

Then, you must judge what are the most important things or elements for your company? How to present them in your logo design? Will the viewers understand them? 

Finding a logo ideas is never easy! Even professional designers often debate when they want to finalize the best logo design for their brand. It’s no easy task for designers, not to speak of us - the average Joe. 

While gladly, we find you a professional team - They simplify the logo design process, and make it possible for everybody to enjoy making his own logo: 

Let the professional designers design the graphics, and let you decide what to pick and use. All the process can be finished within minutes, thanks to a free, online logo service - 

What is DesignEvo? 

DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker that helps you make a standout logo design in a simple and fast way. Compared with traditional graphic design software which requires lots of time and energy to deal with the steep learning curves, DesignEvo is extremely easy to navigate. 

As long as you know how to use a computer, you can use DesignEvo with total ease. You can also watch the 3-minute video tutorial on its homepage to get started quickly. 

Moreover, DesignEvo is built with HTML5 technology, so it nearly supports all modern web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE, etc. 

Features of DesignEvo 

A user-friendly logo design tool- DesignEvo and walk you through its key features. 
  • Easy to use; No graphics design skills needed 
  • 10,000+ professionally designed ready-to-use logo templates 
  • Advanced editing tools- multiple layers management, auto-typeset logo layout, etc. 
  • A library of logo icons, clipart resources, and text fonts for selection 
  • Multiple logo export formats- JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG 
  • Ability to export the logo in a transparent background and save logo design as a project 

How to Create Your Own Wordpress Logo for Business, Free & Fast? 

DesignEvo is super easy to find logo inspirations and DIY your own logo. It’s one of the best logo makers for Wordpress that’s free and SaaS. 

1. 10,000+ Searchable Logo Templates & Ideas 

DesignEvo logo maker online has over 10,000 logo templates with popular tags. You’ll be able to search for logo ideas by entering a keyword. DesignEvo search engine will retrieve related logo templates when your keyword hits one of DesignEvo’s tags. 

You can try with some descriptive keywords. Such as, let’s say, you want a logo, i.e., Starbucks logo, then keywords of “coffee”, “green”, “beauty”, “comfortable”, or ”hot” will be helpful. 

10,000+ Searchable Logo Templates & Ideas

These 10,000+ logo templates are all out of the designer’s works. Therefore, improper logo options have already been filtered out by the logo service - DesignEvo. And you no longer have to assess if it’s an effective logo. 

2. Customize a Logo Template to Your Logo Design 

Once you’ve found a logo template you prefer, you can customize it to your logo. Select any logo element on the canvas, all changeable options for it will display on the top functional bar: color, effect, family font, size, and curve or line, almost all basic modifications are listed here. 

Customize a Logo Template to Your Logo Design

3. Preview and Download Your Logo Design for Free 

With only minutes of work, your logo design can be finished. You’ll want to preview it before downloading it. 

In DesignEvo, you can easily find the [Preview] and [Download] buttons in the interface. Click the button whenever you want to preview it. 6 scenarios will be displayed for your reference - on the business card, document header, book seal, website, T-shirt and presentation. 

Preview and Download Your Logo Design for Free
After previewing your logo design, you can get back to your editing interface. 

Plans and Pricing of DesignEvo

DesignEvo offers 3 downloads - Free, Basic, and Plus. It’s 100%-free for PNG and JPG within a size of 500 x 500. Basic is for those demands PNG-transparent and high-res logo images, and the output resolution can reach 5000 x 5000, which can be printed on a billboard. Plus is the ultimate package with commercial copyrights and SVG/PDF vector files appended. 

DesignEvo allows you to download a JPG or PNG logo with a maximum size of 500 x 500 pixels for free. It’s enough for online uses, but if you want to get a logo with a higher resolution for printing needs, you need to pay for a small amount of one-time fee. 

There are two premium packages for you to choose and the most expensive package costs $39.99 which is budget-friendly and quite affordable, especially when you consider the cost of hiring a designer. You can see the screenshot below. 


To be honest, creating a logo is not easy, especially for people with little or zero design experience and skills. Luckily, there are a lot of online logo design tools you can use to get this work done. Without a doubt, DesignEvo definitely stands out in this campaign. 

It comes with a clean interface and offers an easy-to-use editor, making the cumbersome logo design super simple. It brings all features and resources at your fingertips, so you have the total freedom to turn your idea into real visual art. 

If you are a newbie in the town of blogging and struggling to design a good logo for your new blog, DesignEvo is definitely worth a try. 

DesignEvo is a cute logo maker online. The user-friendly logo service allows everybody to design any logo he wants, without learning any design skills or Illustrator a logo from zero. Clicks and drags will give a user a logo he desires. 

Though it’s super easy and has a 100%-free solution to make any logo online, we still can’t ignore its limitation - DesignEvo, unlike powerful design tools (such as AI or EPS), has no approach to upload any previous images or upload any graphics for your logo design. That means you can’t use it to modify your previous logo design. 

DesignEvo only allows its users to modify previous logo designs saved in the DesignEvo cloud. That’s the limitation. But considering that it’s a simple logo maker, this limitation is reasonable. Or, DesignEvo will take more time to load the features and function right.

Hi Rabbi
This is a paid platform.. you can't get high quality logo free of cost. =(

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 3/26/2018

Yes this is true. Under free plan you can download low resolution logo. :(

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