Create a Highly Engaging Logo for Your Blog with DesignEvo

How to Design a Custom Logo for Your Blog in a Simple Way? DesignEvo give your site or presentations a professional look with DesignEvo.

Creating a logo for your blog might seem like a tough task, and many new bloggers have no idea on where to start. 

However, with a lot of online logo design services available, making a logo design on your own is no longer as difficult as it used to be.

Create Your Own Logo For Free Using Designevo For Your Blog
DesignEvo: How to Easily Design Stunning Blog Logos for Free

In this post, I will talk about a user-friendly logo design tool- DesignEvo and walk you through its key features. 

What is DesignEvo? 

DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker that helps you make a standout logo design in a simple and fast way. Compared with traditional graphic design software which requires lots of time and energy to deal with the steep learning curves, DesignEvo is extremely easy to navigate.

As long as you know how to use a computer, you can use DesignEvo with total ease. You can also watch the 3-minute video tutorial on its homepage to get started quickly.

Moreover, DesignEvo is built with HTML5 technology, so it nearly supports all modern web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE, etc. 

Features of DesignEvo 

  • Easy to use; No graphics design skills needed 
  • 3,000+ professionally designed ready-to-use logo templates 
  • Advanced editing tools- multiple layers management, auto-typeset logo layout, etc. 
  • A library of logo icons, clipart resources, and text fonts for selection 
  • Multiple logo export formats- JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG 
  • Ability to export the logo in a transparent background and save logo design as a project 

How to Make a Logo with DesignEvo? 

Now its time to make your logo. Just go through the below simple steps.

Start with Logo Template 

DesignEvo provides you with over 4,000 ready-to-use logo templates, helping you get the logo design project off the ground. Templates cover wide fields, such as Business, Lifestyle, Technology, Art, Education, Animal, Environment, Fashion, Food and much more.

DesignEvo: How to Easily Design Stunning Blog Logos for Free
DesignEvo provides 4,000 ready-to-use logo templates

All the templates are highly customizable and flexible.

Just pick a suitable template from its gallery, edit it with your own ideas and your logo is done. You can edit the colors, fonts, icons, sizes, and location of every element according to how you want them to be and easily make a new logo. 

Decorate Your Logo with Graphics and Fonts 

DesignEvo has a built-in logo icon library, which gives you access to millions of high-res vector icons. All you need to do is type some keywords into the search box to find the type of icons you want. With such a large number of collections, you will never run out of choices.

Icons come in black and white forms, but you can easily colorize them with the editing tools.

Free Blog Logo Designs | DesignEvo Logo Maker
Decorate Your Logo with Graphics and Fonts  

Apart from that, you can play around with over a hundred stylish text fonts, so you don’t have to look up free fonts on the internet anymore. A change letter spacing or curve text is just a breeze. You can also use outline and shadow effect to create a 3D look.

Preview and Save Your Logo 

One extremely helpful feature that DesignEvo has is the preview mode. It gives you the ability to see how your newly designed logo looks like when printed on a T-shirt, business card, website, letterhead and several other marketing materials. 

You can easily figure out where you need to adjust the logo to ensure it looks perfect under different situations.

Free Blog Logo Designs
Preview and Save Your Logo

When you’re satisfied with the logo, click Download button to save it on your computer. Alongside basic logo output formats like JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG, DesignEvo even supports PNG logo export with a transparent background.

This is very useful, especially when you need to place your logo in different color backgrounds.

Meanwhile, you can also save your logo as a project in the cloud, so that you can go back for more edits and tweaks whenever you want. It can save you a lot of time and works. 

Plans and Pricing 

DesignEvo allows you to download a JPG or PNG logo with a maximum size of 500 x 500 pixels for free. It’s enough for online uses, but if you want to get a logo with higher resolution for printing needs, you need to pay for a small amount of one-time fee.

There are two premium packages for you to choose and the most expensive package costs $39.99 which is budget friendly and quite affordable, especially when you consider the cost of hiring a designer. You can see the screenshot below.

How to Design a Custom Logo for Your Blog in a Simple Way?
DesignEvo Plan and Package with Price list

Final Verdict 

To be honest, creating a logo is not easy, especially for people with little or zero design experience and skills. Luckily, there are a lot of online logo design tools you can use to get this work done. Without a doubt, DesignEvo definitely stands out in this campaign.

It comes with a clean interface and offers an easy-to-use editor, making the cumbersome logo design super simple. It brings all features and resources at your fingertips, so you have the total freedom to turn your idea into a real visual art.

If you are a newbie in the town of blogging and struggling to design a good logo for your new blog, DesignEvo is definitely worth a try.

Hi Rabbi
This is a paid platform.. you can't get high quality logo free of cost. =(

Rabbi Khan says: 3/26/2018

Yes this is true. Under free plan you can download low resolution logo. :(

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