5 Sexy Ways To Improve Your Google+ Through Google Plus Collections

What is Google Plus Collection and How Can They Help to increase our social media presence?

Google Plus collections

At the beginning of Google Plus they were unable to stand alone over the social media jungle. There are very few people used to use Google Plus but not even actively. But Google has redesign their social media platform and brought many new features. The most amazing features are
  • Google Plus Collections
  • Google Plus Community
After introducing those Google Plus got a new turning point in their social media services. People were though that Google Plus is going to be death but now they turned around with their social media power.

What is Google Plus Collections?

Google Plus Collections is mainly for grouping your posts by topic. Formerly if you share something in Google Plus then it published all of your Blog content unorganized way. Suppose your Blog has 10 categories and if you share your content then there are not any chances to categories of social media site. But now in Google Plus Collections you can create different Group or category and publish your particular posts under specific group. This is helping to share content an easy way for you to organize all the things you’re into. Alternatively you can say Google Plus Collections are just a set of collections of your choosing. This collection concept has mainly evolve from Pinterest, there users can create different board for sharing content similarly Google Plus Collections is just like board where people can share content under specific collections.

Why to use Google Plus Collection?

We can use Google plus without creating any collection. But you can say why to use Google Plus Collection? There are several reason we behind using Google Plus Collection. Those are as follows-

#1: Categorizing Shared URL
If you want to categorize your shared content then collection is ideal for you. For example you want to share content under “Make Money Online” or “Affiliate Marketing” category so you can create separate collections on Google plus and share content under relevant collection.

#2: Make your Google Plus Page Tidy
It goes without say that collection will make your Google Plus page tidy. You can share content under specific collection as a result your Blog content won’t be scatter. Interested users can click on specific collection and get all interested things from that collection.

#3: Share contents privately
You may not intent to share all of your content publicly; In this case you can share your content privately through Google Plus Collection. You can share your personal things, daily life, daily outfits, personal journal in Google Plus Collection privately with your desire person.

#4: Sharing Contents to specific Group?
Suppose you have created several collections and getting followers for your specific collections. In this case you can create separate circle for your collection page and put your followers in your collection based circle. As a result when you share target based content to a specific followers group then easily you can reach to that group. On the other hand you can share a single link to a set of resources.

#5: Google Plus Collection for Work
We know we can organize our work by using Google Apps but Google Plus Collection is more organize way we can use as an enterprise social network. You can follow specific stream of posts that you want to see from your peers. In addition you can separate your posts into streams that serve your teams.

How to Set Up A Google Plus Collection?

You can create many Google Plus Collections according to your require. This is very easy to setup Google Plus Collection.

Step #1: Go your Google Plus Page and click “Create a collection”.

create Google Plus collection

Step #2: Once you click the “Create a collection” URL then it will direct you to name your Collection. You can write any relevant name or simply article according to your Blog categories or labels (e.g. Blogger, WordPress, SEO etc.)

write Google plus collections name and tagline

Step #3: Next to “Visible to:” select “Public” to share your content publicly. However you can change the option later. You can select “Your circle only” for sharing content to the people that are in your circles and “Private to you only” for your personal use, you can save articles that you want to read/share later. Use “Custom” option for creating your own choices of who you would like it to be sent to each time you share.

Step #4: And Finally click “Create” button for creating your first Google Plus Collection.

How to Customize Google Plus Collection?

After creating your Google Plus Collection there are few things you can customize. Cover image and color scheme. Please to change those please follow the below steps-

Step #1: Enter into your Google Plus Collection page and click “3 ellipsis” from the top. And click “Edit collection”.

edit Google plus collection

Step #2: To change your collection cover image please click camera icon and upload image.

Blogging Tips + Tricks collections

Step #3: You can Edit and Add collection name from collection editor. Maximum 80 characters allow writing “Tagline” for Google Plus Collection.

Step #4: For altering the Google Plus Collection color scheme select any color circle to change.

Step #5: Finally click on “SAVE” button from the top.

How to Share Contents to Google Plus Collection?

You can share contents to specific Google Plus Collection. This is not any difficult task. But many users don’t find the sharing option to Google Plus Collection. Generally when you share something in Google Plus then all the content shared with publicly. But remember that you can’t share content in “Public” and “Collection” at the same time.  Please follow the below guideline.

Step #1: Write or share something in your Google Plus page and Click “Public” URL next to your Page name.

share content on G+ collection

Step #2: Now you will find a list of collections name. Just select any specific “collection” to share your content.

Step #3: Click “POST” to share your content in Google Plus Collection.

The Final Thought

Do you still think Google Plus is dead? No obviously not. Now Google Plus is now a significant social media service to reach target audience. As a Blogger there is a great opportunity to take the advantage everything of Google Plus. Because Google Plus won’t stop only with this offer, rather you will find more offer near future from them. 

Google+ Collections
5 Sexy Ways To Improve Your Google+ Through Google Plus Collections
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