Google Celebrate Valentine's Day 2016 with Romantic Doodle

Valentine's Day Google Doodle celebrates romance with charming 'cartoon' that will raise temperatures

valentines's day 2016

Google is not only a Search Giant but also popular for alerting people about various memorable day. And they alert about memorable day by using Doodles, which is known as Google doodle. Formerly we have seen Google is serving different doodle in international memorable days including new years and other, now Google is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic doodle. This years Google has released 3 doodles at a time on Valentine's Day 2016.

First doodle is about two pots (cartoon character) with romantic gesture. Those two pots appeared romantic with deep relationship. First pot apparently for coffee and wanders up to the second. And the second pot is a tea pot. You can say relationship between coffee and tea. The coffee pot pulls a red rose from behind its back and hands it to tea pot. As a result teapot begins blushing and boiling always as its temperature rises.  This seems to me the powers of love for each other. After getting red rose from coffee pot it become red and hot.  In this doodle coffee pot playing a role of male and tea pot is playing female character. You can see the beautiful doodle from below.

Google doodle on 14th february

In second doodle you will see a relationship between 2 tissues toilet tissue roll and box tissue. I think this is just for fun.  After receiving gift from box tissue toilet tissue become emotional.

google doodle

And in third Doodle it seems to me to starting a relationship between cactus tree and Porcupine. Both of them have thorn but cactus has given a surprise by bringing a gift for Porcupine. As a result Porcupine become happy and hug cactus. Finally both of them are in romantic gesture.

valentines 2016

Whatever! This is all about celebrating Valentine’s Day with Google search engine users. This is a great effort for entertaining their users. It just made their search engine more fun to use and made memorable for special person on special day. I hope you would love it after watching the Google doodle.

However Valentine’s Day may not be everyone’s favorite holiday, but Google’s approach to celebrating it is pretty adorable.

On the other hand February 11, 2016 Google has released a Video about Valentine's Day for code a heart and share a message of love to bring the world a little closer together. This video is made with Code - Girls share their stories of love. 

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