How to Create a Social Profile and Blog with Skyrock?

Learn how to create a Free Blog with Social Profile in Skyrock. Chat with other member and do Blogging together via skyrock french social network.


You may hear about this is a large social network site based in France. But this social network is not like same with other social networking site. Because skyrock provide free space for creating your own Blog. In addition you can add your personal profile, exchange messages with other registered members.

However at the beginning of this Blogging platform it was known as and they have started their journey in December 2002 but after 4 years in 2007 they have changed their brand name and lunch which is founded by Pierre Bellanger. This is little info about skyrock, I think you are getting bored.

So let’s rock with skyrock by creating your Social profile and Blog now. Please follow the below steps for the tutorial.

How to Create a Social Profile and Blog with Skyrock?

For creating a Social Profile and Blog with Skyrock you must have an email address. You can use any email address like your Gmail, Windows email or Yahoo whatever. Now proceed to the tutorial.

Step 1 Please visit and hit the Sign up button from the top right corner of the screen. You will be headed to registration page with 4 tabs, such as Registration, Blog & Profile, Personalize and Friends.


Step 2 First under Registration tab fill the form with any user name, email and password. After that, select your date of birth and other information. That’s it now click Sign up button from the bottom of the page. A confirmation message will appear that Are you a robot? Or human.  Just click on the reCAPTCHA box and again press the Sign up button.

Step 3 You will be headed on Blog & Profile tab and from there you can select either Create your Blog, Create your Profile or Create the two! Options. Though we will create both Profile and Blog so select the third one.  And press the Next button.

Blog and Profile

Step 4 On Personalize tab you have to write your Blog’s name, short description, Avatar and also you can select ready template for your Blog. 

create profile on skyrock

After fill up all the information and selecting beautiful cover click Confirm button.

skyrock cover

Step 5 In Friends tab you can invite your Facebook friend, Twitter follower, Google user and Windows account holder but it’s better to skip this option. So click Skip this step button.

Congratulation your personal Blog on Skyrock is now ready. Now we can take a little time to edit our Profile for better communication with other registered member of skyrock.

How to Edit profile on Skyrock?

This is pretty simple to edit your Profile. Though you have created your Blog, but didn’t update your skyrock profile page, so please change your Profile information on skyrock.

Step 1 From top right corner of the screen click on your user name and select MY PROFILE.

skyrock profile

Step 2 Now profile page will open. You can add your photo, status and little description about you.
That’s it. You profile is ready now.

How to create Blog Post in Skyrock?

After creating a Blog on skyrock we will see how to make our first post on skyrock. Because without Posting your Blog won’t get visibility on skyrock social network’s feed.

Step 1 Log in to your skyrock profile and from top right corner of the screen click on your user name and select MY Blog. And click POST button from the top.

make post on skyrock

Step 2 Now click Article tab and start writing your post. However you can add direct external link from other Blog by click on Link tab. After finishing your writing click Post button from the bottom.

Blog post on skyrock

This is really simple to make a post in Skyrock. But the problem is you won’t able to monetize your Blog. Because skyrock will display their own ads and Google Adsense ads on your Blog. But here the trick is if you are having your own Blog and now want to divert some French traffic then you can share your Blog link on skyrock Blog. So your Blog post will get more visibility on skyrock feed. And this will divert big chunk of traffic.

But remember that don’t act like spammer because there are greater chance to get ban from skyrock if you do spam.

Thank you. Happy Blogging!!!
Unknown says: 1/04/2016

Brother, I have seen that you have added a 'follow ' icon next to the Twitter icon at the top right site in the header section. My question is if I want to add this icon and link on my site then what can I do for adding that?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/04/2016

I have replaced RSS icon. so find it and replace it by below code.

<li class='rsswrap'><a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' title='BloggerSpice on Feedburner'><i class='fa fa-user-plus fa-lg fa-fw'></i></a></li>

you must change the blogID=4756312408149898454

Thank you.


Unknown says: 1/04/2016

From where I will find the blogID code?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/04/2016

Please follow the below URL for tutorial

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