Google Doodles for New Year's Eve 2016!

See the amazing Google Doodles for New Year's Eve 2016! Goggle is wishing on search engine whoever visit home page.

Happy new year 2016

It goes without say that every year we celebrate New Year’s Eve. I hope this year won’t be different. However every sites, company, organization expressing their wishes by doing something different and something new. Some of them released new calendar, wallpapers, or Software Company giving biggest discount on this occasion.

But as a Blogger we should celebrate many ways for our Blog readers. Such as by releasing new widget, Template or giving something free of cost. Anyway, the most dominating search engine Google wishing to the entire search visitors through then website by using Google doodles.

This is not any special or new to Google Fan. I am sure that you have seen many Google doodles on various occasions. Similarly for the New Year 2016 Google has released another new Google doodle which can be seen by visiting page.

What’s new this Year?

Every year Google doodle design with something new design. And this year Google doodle is very simple. 5 birds are waiting for hatching eggs that when it will come out. And another bird is frequently following the watch. This is really beautiful. Here GOOGLE is written with 6 letters and 5 birds means GOOG*E and after hatching the 6th Bird the GOOGLE word will be complete. I think 31st Night 12 A.M 6th Bird will be visible. This is the mystery here. So they have kept us waiting to see the 6th Bird. This is really cool Idea.

Blogger Spice

You may think how can we decorate our site in this New Year? We can use various widget for making our site little different. You can use fireworks widget from below link.

Or you can add New Year countdown widget. Though I have created it for 2015 but by changing date and time we can use it.

Finally Egg has hatched after 12 AM on 1st January 2016... check out the below doodle.

Happy new year 2016

I wish all the best to readers and well wisher. Thanks for being a part of us and continuous support that help us to stand alone over the crowed and Happy New Year 2016. Thank you. 
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Jeba Qpt says: 12/31/2015

The doodle looks like the branch of a tree with colorful birds sitting on it. In between them is a green egg, wearing a 2016 sash. The birds are looking forward to the egg ready to hatch. One of the birds keeps pulling out a pocket watch.Celebrate the New Year's Eve

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 12/31/2015

Thanks Jeba for such a nice explanation. Maybe I didn’t think like you so can’t explain nicely. Wish you best of luck in New year. :-d

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