Let’s introduce the new Redesigned Google Plus

Let’s introduce the new Redesigned Google Plus

new Google Plus

This is really awesome that Google Plus finally brought revolutionary changes on their page. You won’t see any more the old monotonous looks. But not completely changed, this is seems to me the old product with new packet. On November 17, 2015 launched the new Google+ with redesigned to make it simpler and faster to use Collections, Communities, and see your home stream.

Google Plus is a popular Social media product of Google where we can share links, videos, pictures and other contents. And this is the easiest way we share and promote our Blog posts through it. And after sharing the content other people can see your shared content on their stream. This is bit similar like facebook news feed.

Thought Google Plus we can share our content in 3 ways. Such as by Collections (organize posts based on interests), Communities and by using home stream. But to show your content to others they must follow your profile.

In new look of Google Plus the significant changes you will notice on-

Google Plus on various device

Colorized Top Menu

Google Plus has brought little identical changes on Top menu. While you will use Google Plus as profile and page then the menu color will be visible with light white color. And while you visit Google Plus stream then top menu turned into red color. In addition there is a big search bar added for searching the content easily from the page.  In top Bar you will have option to show and hide left floating menu. However if you press Google+ form top menu then you will able to get back to classic G+.

google plus top menu

Public view of Interface

There have big changes on public view. Now you can add large profile or page cover and below cover Google plus will display your interests. That means if you joined in any community then it will display below the cover on your profile. In addition, now the page redesigned with Gallery style. And now G+ content image container will display landscape image. However you can customize your page by using EDIT PROFILE option.

Google plus community

Photo tagging and sharing

New feature is Photo tagging where you will see approve or delete name tags in content photos. The most popular was Photos tab on classic Google+ profile which is no longer shows up in the new Google+ interface. However, if you wish to see then see it by switching back to classic Google+.  You can also use Google Photos to store, share, and manage your photos.


There are certain features are now available only on Google plus Android app. Suppose to make a new events you have to use Android app but to create new event from computer you must switch back to classic G+.


Similar changes on Polls because creating new Polls you must Switch back to classic Google+, or use the Android app to make a new poll. From iOS and new Google+ on your computer you'll be able to vote on a poll but not create one. I think Google has done this to make their Google Plus app more popular.

G+ post content image

Location Sharing

Location Sharing is new feature of new Google+, you can see the locations of shared contents by others. In addition, you will see everyone sharing location with you on map with Locations. But for this you have to use new Google Plus Android app in your smart devices.

This is really awesome features of new Google Plus. And it has now fulfill the expectation of existing users. 
Amit Kumar Biswas says: 11/20/2015
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BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 11/20/2015

Hi Amit from bottom left corner of your Google Plus profile page locate ''Back to classic G+'' link and click on it.. Instantly your profile will turn into classic design.

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