What is an AdSense achievement card?

What is an AdSense achievement card?

AdSense money

The most popular and leading legit advertising platform is Google AdSense where billions of people earning money by monetizing their website and Blog. You will find AdSense to use most flexible ways. This is not about only earning money but also you can share your AdSense experience though your account. AdSense made their account attractive with impressive reports viewing facility. However sometime they will celebrate with your AdSense total ad impression.

If you are new in AdSense after certain ad impressions you will see an AdSense achievement card on right side of your AdSense account dashboard. This has not any significant value to your AdSense earnings or account but this indicate that you have passed a major milestone in your AdSense account history.

AdSense achievement card

When you see the AdSense achievement card on your AdSense Home page, then it means that you’ve just passed a major milestone in your account’s history. This is just for Congratulate you for passing this milestone. And the achievement card will appear like Congratulations! On November 17, 2015 you reached a lifetime ad impressions achievement.  Note that only on publisher AdSense homepage this achievement card will display.

achievement card on dashboard

This AdSense achievement is a fun way to celebrate important events in your AdSense career. Ad achievement card can be show after counting impression in different ways. Such as
  • Reaching a total of 100,000 ad impressions
  • 1,000th ad impression on tablet/mobile
  • The Anniversary of your AdSense Account (e.g. 1 Year, 2 Years, 5 Years etc.)

5 years achievement card

Whenever you receive a card it’ll be shown on your Home page. But this achievement card will display for a limited time before it expires automatically. However, if your ad impression reaches to another milestone, then again achievement card will visible on your AdSense account home page.

Now you got clear idea about AdSense achievement card. I wish you all the best with your AdSense account and make good amount of money with it.

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