How To Customize and Use New Google Plus Profile and Page?

How To Customize and Use New Google Plus Profile and Page?, Tips-and-tricks-to-edit-use-and-customize-Google-plus-profile-and-brand-page

tips to using Google plus page

You might already see the new redesigned Google Plus page. And in this new interface you might be little confused about adding new profile cover, Logo, Description. Google’s main target is to make the G+ profile lighter and faster to load so don’t worry about this new change. However you can work on your Google Plus profile by switching to classic interface but believe me after certain period of tile that option will be disable permanently. So you must get used to with the new interface. In this tutorial I will show you about Editing and customizing your Google Plus profile.

Step 1 Visit and Login to you Google Plus account.

Step 2 From your cover you would see EDIT PROFILE button, click on it and instantly a popup window will open for customizing your profile.

Step 3 From popup window click on Camera icons for changing your Google Plus Cover and Logo. Instantly a popup window called Pick a photo will appear. Now press the Upload photo button and select your image file from your computer. And your image will load after cropping the image click on DONE button from Top right corner of the screen.

crop Google plus cover

Step 4 Page description is very important but for better promotion you must add an attractive page description. So click on Tagline field and a blue underline will be visible. This means now this is ready to Edit. On Tagline field simply type new description by using your Keyboard. 

Edit Google Plus profile

Step 5 If you wish to display limited number of communities on your Google Plus profile page then locate Communities on right side of popup window and put tick on your selected community to display on your profile page.

Step 6 Finally press SAVE link from bottom right of popup window for confirming your new customized setting.

You have successfully customized your Google Plus profile and page. Now I will explain some simple but important tips and tricks about using new Google Plus page.

How to Share your content on Google Plus?

This maybe confusing while sharing content on new redesigned Google Plus page and profile. Because the new interface is completely change. If you are familiar with Pinterest then you might have seen a small Plus floating icon on the bottom right side of the page. Google Plus has copied this concept. Because like Pinterest you would see a floating pen icon in red circle on the bottom right corner of the page. So click on it and a popup content sharing window will appear. Now add you content link and share.

sharing new content on G+

How to Share your content on Google Plus community from Profile and Page?

While using Google Plus you might get connected with different Community page or you may have your own G+ Plus community page. In new G+ you can share the content without visiting G+ Community page. Just share your content on your G+ profile and click Public link beside of your page or profile name. Now select your desired community page to share content.

G+ post on community page

How to Share your Location on Shared Content?

This is a new feature of Google Plus page. You can easily share your location with your shared content. For sharing location while sharing a new content on Google plus page then click on Marker icon and a popup window will appear with location map. Just select your location and share with your shared content on Google Plus.

share your location of G+ profile

How To Edit and Delete a Shared Content on New Google Plus Interface?

In classic interface it was very easy to Edit and delete shared post on Google Plus new interface. From your Google Page click on small right arrow which is beside of your profile name. Now Post editing option will visible. Click on 3 vertical dot from the content container box. Now extra option will appear. From there select Delete and a warning message will appear like, Are you sure you want to delete the post? From that window click DELETE button. In addition you can disable comments on specific posts from this option.

Edit and delete G+ posts

You will also able to delete your shared community posts from your profile page. Just go through the same procedure.

How to get back to Classic G+ Profile?

If you are used to with classic G+ interface then new interface will make you confuse. However there are few features that don’t support new G+ like Events, Polls, so in this case you have to get back in old G+ interface and work on it. To get back to the old/classic G+ interface Go to your Google Plus profile or page and from bottom left corner locate Back to classic G+ link and click on it. Instantly your profile will turn into classic design.

That’s all about new Google Plus page. I hope now you can easily operate your page in new interface. If you have still confusion then feel free to leave a comment below. 

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