Delete Your Google Plus Brand Page without Deleting Profile

Delete Your Google Plus Brand Page without Deleting Profile, How-to-remove-your-Google-plus-brand-page-without-affecting-your-Google-plus-profile


Google Plus is a popular product of Google. There are many users, especially Blogger create Google Plus profile and page for promoting their Blog posts. In addition there are now huge active users of Google plus who are sharing their goods and services for their Business purpose.

You can create a Google Plus Brand page, profile and Business page easily. But for business page you must verify your business address. However the problem is arising, while accidentally we create multiple unnecessary Google Plus page under same profile. But now you want to delete your page without affecting your Google Plus profile. Many of us simply delete the profile or disable the Google Plus page which is not professional way. And if you delete your Google Plus with customized name then you will lose it. So in this tutorial I will show you the way to delete your Google Plus page without deleting your Google Plus profile. Just read through below-

Step 1 Visit and Login to you Google Plus account.

Step 2 From top left corner click on Home menu and it will expend from left side. From there select Pages.

Step 3 Now select your unwanted page which you want to delete from your Google Plus profile. For Example purpose I have selected first page (BDARena) under Google Plus Brand page list. And click on MANAGE PAGE link. And your Google Plus Page will open.

Google plus brand page

Step 4 From top right corner click your Google Plus Page icon and select Settings links. Instantly you will be headed to Google Plus settings page.

G+ page settings

Step 5 In setting page scroll down and locate Profile section. Below profile section you will find Delete page link. So simply click on it. Google may require sign in again to your account for confirmation that you are willingly deleting your Google Plus page. After sing in again you will be headed to Delete Page.

delete google plus page

Step 6 From This page simply scroll down and Put tick on 2 options which will say that if you have any pending transaction under the profile then you will be responsible to pay to Google. And secondly, you have to confirm that you want to permanently delete the Google Account and the Data. Don’t worry Put tick on 2 options and click blue color DELETE ACCOUNT button. After deleting the page you will be automatically redirected to your Google Plus page list. 

delete google plus account

Congratulation you have deleted your Google Plus page without deleting your Google Plus profile. However my suggestion is to go through above steps carefully to delete your page safely. Due to any wrong done you can lose your Google Plus profile and Data permanently. 

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