How to Turn Off Autoplay Videos in Facebook News Feed?

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Facebook recently has added a new feature which is really annoying for the users.  This feature is called auto play video in news feed and profile. Whenever a user of visitor surf their Facebook profile or news feed then all shared or tagged videos will automatically start playing. This is really bothersome. While a user surf their profile by buying mobile data then s/he lose their data volume rapidly for watching videos.

There are very savvy users who plan to buy limited volume of data for doing their daily staff or get connected with social community. But due to auto play video you can’t control your data plan. On the other hand, those who are using weaker internet connection then won’t able to surf facebook comfortably, because after scroll the Facebook news feed every videos will start play automatically.

Facebook maybe has done this to get more views from visitors on their videos. So the company is unlikely to turn this feature off. However this is not expectable by the visitors. But t stop or disable this feature is not a magical to you, because you can easily disappear this by following some simple steps. But how? Please read on to find out-

Turning off Auto-Play option in Desktop or Laptop

If you use a Desktop or Laptop then you can easily turn this option off by changing option from facebook setting option. Please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Login to your Facebook Account

Step 2 And from the top right of Facebook, click on drop down icon and select Settings

facebook profile settings

Step 3 Now click Videos from bottom in the left menu

facebook videos

Step 4 Finally click the dropdown menu next to Auto-play Videos and select Off

Everything has done now visit your Facebook news feed and see videos are not automatically playing there. So now you can save your mobile data and get relieve from irritation.

Turning off Auto-Play option in Android phone or tablet

While you are travelling in short and long distance then you might use your Smartphone for surf your facebook profile and news feed. But for auto play feature your mobile data volume will decrease rapidly. But you can adjust the Facebook app's auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. In Wi-Fi data is unlimited so at that time hasn’t any problem for auto play but for slower internet connection you may face problem. To adjust the auto-play settings on your Android phone or tablet just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Open the Facebook app

Step 2 Tap the hamburger/three lines icon in the Facebook app

Step 3 Now Scroll down and tap App Settings

auto-play video on android

 Step 4 Tap Video Auto-play

Step 5 Choose any On or Off option

Now you will able to surf your facebook page without any auto-play video features, which will help you to save your mobile data.

Turning off Auto-Play option in iPhone or iPad

If you are using iPhone or iPad then you may find little different setting option for different firmware. But you can also easily turn off auto play video option from you iPhone or iPad. To adjust the auto-play settings on your iPhone or iPad please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Open the Facebook app

Step 2 Tap the hamburger/More button

Step 3 Scroll down and tap Settings-> Videos and Photos

auto-play video on iphone

Step 4 Now tap Videos -> Autoplay

Step 5 And select whether you want videos to play while using cellular and Wi-Fi, on Wi-Fi only, or never

On iPad you will see little different, so first navigate to hamburger menu -> Settings -> Videos -> Autoplay and pick a setting. That’s it.

I hope this tutorial will help you to turn Off Autoplay Videos in Facebook News Feed.

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