Host Your Blog Images on Google Drive

Host Your Blog Images on Google Drive

image hosting

Google Drive is most popular service where we can easily host our Blog or website's images, videos, audio etc. There was a time when we can directly get URL after uploading any image, audio or video file and later we can use them on various Blog or website but now it is not possible. Because after uploading any media file you will see only the share URL where viewers only can view the media files on Google Drive only. And this is only possible if your File publicly shared. So we have to be little tricky to host media files on Google Drive thus we can use them on any Blog or website.

In this tutorial I will show you the way  about Image hosting on Google Drive. This is very easy. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1 Go to sign in to enter into your drive and it will redirect to Google Drive Page.

new folder

Step 2 Now click on My Drive drop down option and select New Folder and name it Image Backup. And Click on Blue color Create button. Your Folder is ready now. After that enter into the Image Backup folder.

create folder

Step 3  And now click on red color New button from top left side of the screen and select File Upload after that a popup window will open for selecting Image files from hard Drive.

Step 4  So select your Image file from hard drive and click on Open Button. Google will prompt to upload your Image file.

file uploading

Step 5  After completion upload click on Blue color share link and instantly a popup window will appear, after that click on Advanced and another window will appear.

public file

Step 6 Initially your file will be Private mode (only you can access to file) but you have to make your Image file Public otherwise it won't work in your Blogger Blog Posts. So click on Change... link from next to Private - only you can access option. 

link sharing

Step 7 You will be in Link sharing window and select On - Public on the web option, after that click on blue color Save button. You will be return in previous window. 

sharing settings

Step 8 Now below Link to share field copy the code. the code will be like below-
And click on blue color Done button from the bottom left side of the popup window.

Now our Image file is uploaded and hosted on Google Drive. And we have got the Image file link from Google Drive.


To you hosted Image from Google Drive to Blogger Blog posts we have to apply a simple trick. We have found the below hosted Image link from Google Drive.
To make it work we will use only the 0ByO1DuqQ0HMcdW1sejZhTW5qQkk code line. This is also known as File ID. Default Image code to make it viewable code line is like below- ID
So now we will add the File ID only. And final code will be like below-
In some Widget code this is not compatible so in this case you have to encode the code just like below-
you can use our HTML Encoder for Encoding the original code thus you can use it in various purpose.

How to use Hosted image in Blog Posts?

Step 1 For integrating the image just Create a New post and switch to HTML view.

Step 2 After that copy the below code and paste it in post editor (HTML view).
Step 3 Now switch to Compose view and Publish your Blog post. That's it you are done.

Now you will see hosted image displaying on your Blog Posts from Google Drive. 

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