How to Delete a Google Plus Community Page?

How to Delete a Google Plus Community Page?

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Google Plus Community is massively using for spreading the Blogger's voice. There are many active user currently use Google Plus Community for diverting traffic. In addition Bloggers are now using Google Plus Community as a forum. For many reason there are required to delete community page such as- too many spammy posts, Spelling mistake on community page name or closing your Blog and community permanently. For this reason I will show you the way to delete community page.

Remember that once you have delete the community page then you can't recover the page.

For deleting Google Plus Community page just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Visit and Login to you Google Plus account.

Step 2 From top left corner click on Home menu will expend from left side. From there select Communities.

Blogger Spice community

Step 3 Now Click on the name of your community

Step 4 Near the top left corner, click the gear icon  and select -> Edit community option.

Edit community

Step 5 Just Scroll down and go to the bottom of the page. In the lower left corner, click on blue color Delete this community link.

delete this community

Step 6 A notification window will popup and Check the box to confirm you understand that deleting your community is permanent. After that click on blue color Delete community button.

delete community

Instantly your Google Plus Community page will be delete. Remember that you can’t delete a community on Smartphone or tab. So please use a computer instead to delete Google Plus Community page. Thank you.

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Anonymous 11/05/2017

Somos um grupo de voluntários e começando um novo regime de nossa comunidade.
Seu web site fornecido nos com valioso informação para trabalhar em.

Você tem feito uma impressionante trabalho e nosso inteiro comunidade será grato para

Anonymous 11/06/2017

Agradeço a recomendação . Deixe-me experimentá-lo.

Rabbi Khan says: 11/15/2017

Obrigado. :)

Rabbi Khan says: 11/21/2017

Muito obrigado. :-bd

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