How to mention Google+ member in Google+ Comment Box?

How to mention Google+ member in Comment Box


I have already publish the tutorial to mention Google plus member in Blog post. But now again I will show you how we can mention Google Plus member in Google plus comment system. This almost similar like mentioning people from Blogger post. However for better understanding I will show you how you can mention people in Google plus comment box.

Actually we make comments on other's Blog something informative. And by mentioning the our own Google plus member they will also get the notification about the comment. That means if we make a comments in a Blog then other member will get the notification about that comment. And later s/he can read the comment from that Blog. So this is important for those Blogger who loves to share things easily.

Anyway just follow the below steps for mentioning Google Plus member in Google Plus default comment Box.

Step 1 Sign in to your Google Plus Account and go to a site where Google Plus default comment is enabled.

mention people

Step 2 For mentioning specific person in Google Plus comment section Type +[person's name] or @[person's name]. You can also type their email address instead of their name. After typing first letter of a Google plus user name a list of people will appear. Now select your desired person.


Step 3 After writing comments click on Share button. And mentioned member will get the notification.


That's it. This is very easy to mention someone in Google Plus comment box. I hope you have understood the tutorial clearly. If you have any more query then feel free to write me. Thanks.
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