How to Mention Google Plus Member in Blogger Blog Post?

How to Mention Google Plus Member in Blog Post?

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Blogger Has added another amazing feature in their platform that is mentioning people in your Blog post. By mentioning people you can easily grab their attention. But to do this your Blogger profile must upgrade to Google Plus profile. And it is also depending on notification receiver's Google Plus settings. Suppose if you want to mention someone about your latest Post and after mentioning and publishing the post s/he will receive notification. But if s/he changed setting to stop giving notification then they won't get any notification from Google.

when you share your content in Google+ you can try mentioning them using the '+' or '@' signs. After that they'll also be able to see the post which they were mentioned in, even if the post wasn't originally shared with them.

This trick is helpful for those who has huge people in their Google plus circle and they wants to mentioning some specific peoples, or when you want to add someone to a post.

However in this tutorial I will show you how we can mention people in Blogger post that will notify the receiver after publication of the post. To mention someone in a post follow the below steps-

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger Account and go to Dashboard

Step 2 From the Dashboard, click New Post. If you are currently viewing your blog, in the upper right corner click New Post. Or you can click on New Post from Blog Overview.

Step 3 Now writing panel will open, now write something on posts editor.

Step 4  For mentioning specific person in Blog Post Type +[person's name] or @[person's name]. You can also type their email address instead of their name. After typing first letter of a Google plus user name a list of people will appear. By using mouse pointer you can select your desired person.

Blog post

Step 5 Now Publish your post and check the Blog post to see the link. Simply mouse over  on mentioned name and it will display the Google Plus profile of mentioned user.


Remember that You can only mention people who are on your Google plus profile. I mean those who already connected with your Google Plus page. But you can share with people who aren't members yet by entering their email after the '+' or '@' signs. For example

So that's all for mentioning person in Blog post. After mentioning, people will receive notification on their Google Plus profile.
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