How to Create your own Community in Google Plus?

How to Create your own Community in Google Plus?


Blogger are now using Google Plus for spreading their content rapidly. Just by creating a new Google Plus profile and sharing content you won’t able to divert more visitors in your site. Because everybody has their own Google plus fan page. So the solution is creating own community in Google Plus. Community is a page where you can invite members and share content s with others as a result by exchanging content you can reach to more people.  And there is a chance to divert more visitors to your site. If you can increase community member then more chances to increase your blog visitors. Actually by creating community both community owner and member will be benefited. Because you will get more eyeball to watch your blog. In this tutorial I will show you how we can create a Google Plus community very easily. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Visit and Login to you Google Plus account.

Step 2 From top left corner click on Home menu will expend from left side. From there select Communities.


Step 3 Now Google Plus will show you the different community in a new page. From there you will see blue color Create community button just click on there.

create community

Step 4 Now write your Community name in Community name field. If there similar community available then Google will display different community in Grid style.  From bottom right corner of the window click on blue color Create your own button.

write community name

Step 5 Now you have to choose the type of community. A new page will appear from there Under What Kinds of community you are making? You will find Public and Private options. Though we are creating this community for all then just click on Public and write any name for your community.

public community

Step 6 Under Do People need permission to join? Field Select No, anyone can join by using drop down option. After that click on blue color Create community button.

Step 7 Now your community page is ready just few steps ahead. You have to fill in a few more details. Under Tagline (optional) write some tag for better visibility.

add tag

Step 8 Now locate All posts and there you can add some category like Blogger Tips, Tricks, SEO, Template etc. And finally click on blue color Done button.

view community

Step 9 After landing on your own community page Share this community box will appear. Write something about your Community that what kinds of topic member can share in your community page. And before Clicking on green color Share button select public thus everybody can see this.

Step 10 After that it’s time to inviting people to join in your Google Plus community so from your Google plus community page click on Invite people button for increasing number of members.

invite people

That’s all about creating community for in Google plus. I hope you will able to create your own Google Plus community to share and exchange content there. 

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