Index Blog Content Faster With Fetch as Google Tool

Index Blog Content Faster With Fetch as Google Tool


Blogger wants to get index their Blog and content on Google search engine thus visitors can see the link there and feel interest to visit Blog and content. However after creating a Blog and publishing content it take certain period of time to get index in Google search engine. However this is not specified that how long it will take to get indexed.

Google search engine always give priority for unique and fresh content but after publishing your content it Google take longer time to index then other content with same idea they may index first. So after creating unique content due to late index by Google your link may dropped in search engine. So the solution if to index post link manually by using Fetch as Google which is available on Google Webmaster tools. In this tutorial I will show you how we can index our Blog content instantly after publishing it on our Blog.

After using Fetch as Google tool in Google Webmaster tool, Googlebot crawls any URL that corresponds to the path that you requested. However after successfully fetching the link Googlebot is able to crawl your requested Content URL.

Step 1 Go to and Sign in with Google account.

select site

Step 2 Now you will see a drop down option under Choose a verified site.  Select your Blog from lists (in case of multiple site listed). Google will automatically redirect you on Fetch page.

Step 3 If you not redirected to fetch page then inside Google Webmaster tools Click to expend 
->Crawl and click on ->Fetch as Google which appears as a child menu item below Crawl.

Fetch as Google

Step 4 Now Copy your Blog Post link that you want to index. And In the Fetch box, enter the path component of content URL of your site. For example-

Original link will be like below, but don’t copy whole link--

Copy the link after your Blog URL, I mean Blog link, Like below-
  • 2015/02/Tutorial-to-demote-site-link-from-Google-search-engine.html

Step 5 From the grey drop-down that reads Googlebot, choose the type of Googlebot you wish to perform a fetch such as Desktop, Mobile Smartphone, Mobile cHTML (mainly for Japanese websites) or Mobile XHTML/WML. Preferable option is Desktop to show your site exactly that a Browser see.

submit URL

Step 6 Now click on Fetch button. Now Google received HTTP response from your content page. And click on Submit to index button from beside the fetch link.

submit to index

Step 7 A new window will appear with submit method. From that select Crawl only this URL radio button. And click on Go button.


That’s it. Your link has submitted for quick index. Within shortest period of time you will see your content link on Google search engine.

Every use have a weekly quota of 500 fetches, that means you can fetch upto 500 content link within  a week. And after 400 fetches a notification appears below the fetch form to indicate that you are approaching your fetch quota limit.
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oswin says: 5/17/2016

no i dont think so, then why we need to submit sitemap?

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 5/17/2016

Hi Oswin..Have you noticed that after publishing a post it will take several hours or a days for getting index? But If you use fetch as Google then it will instantly index and ready for crawl.

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