How to Create a Perfect Google Plus Page For Your Blog?

How to Create a Perfect Google Plus Page For Your Blog?

Google Plus Page

Google plus is a robust social media platform whose monthly active user 300+ million. And number of active users are increasing day by day. Google Plus page is now emphasize on business listing thus a Business owner can create their profile and get priority  on search engine. But for personal user Google Plus is getting excel. Now we can share almost everything there and show off others. Specially Blogger and WordPress blog user can create Google Plus profile or page for their blog. And they can also share and promote their content over there. But just creating a profile is not enough, because we have to build our Google Plus profile page just like professional. And to make a perfect Google Plus page we have to focus on some factors like profile page cover, logo, relevant information.

In this tutorial I will show you how we can make a perfect Google Plus profile easily.

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your Google Account.

Step 2 It will redirect you in Google Plus profile type selection Page. You will find 3 options like
  • Storefront - For any Hotel, Restaurant, Retails shop
  • Service Area - For Different service based page like Plumber, Pizza delivery, taxi service etc.
  • Brand - Product, Sports team, music band and casual etc.
choose business type

Step 3  You can select any option but as a blog owner Brand page type should be appropriate. So click on Brand selection box.

create Google+ page

Step 4  It will redirect you to Google Plus sign up page. From there under Create your Google+ page write your page name, website and in Type of page select Other by using dropdown option. After that click on blue color Create page button.

Step 5  Your will be headed to your new Profile page. And you will see your profile is just 6% completed. That means there are many things to do.

Step 6 Now we will add profile photo. But for Blog I recommended to add your Blog logo. Remember that your profile photo or logo size must be 250px X 250px. So click on Add profile photo button, a popup window will appear and from there click on Set profile photo. Now Image uploader will appear. And upload your profile photo or logo there. You can crop the photo for better adjustment. After that click on blue color Set as profile photo button. And again click on Save & continue button.

upload logo

Step 7 Now it's time to add a cover photo for your Google Plus page. But you will see a default cover will be preset by Google. So to change it click on Change cover button. Image uploader will open. From there select Upload tab and Click on Select a photo from your computer. This will help you to select your cover photo from your computer hard drive. Remember that your Google plus cover page size should be minimum 480px  X 270px. After uploading the cover photo click on Save & continue button.

add cover photo

Step 8 Now add your contact number and address. You will see Dropdown option for selecting your Phone, Mobile number and address. After adding contact information details click on Save & continue button.

contact details

Step 9 In this stage you have to add a short description about your Blog page. So in Introduce your page window write something about your Blog site. And again click on Save & continue button.

introduce your page

Step 10 Finally we have to add tagline. This is just like keywords. Add at least 10 keywords that is relevant with your Blog niche. You can separate  each tag by using (,) comma. And again click on Save & continue button.

add tagline

Step 11 Now Google Plus will display that your Google+ profile is 100% completed. Simply click on Done button for finalization. You will be redirected to your Google+ profile dashboard. from top right corner click on Icon and select Google+ Page link. You can see your brand new Google plus page now. 

Google+ profile

That's all about creating a Perfect Google Plus Page For Your Blogger and WordPress Blog. I hope now you can create your page on Google Plus accurately. Thank You.

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