Tips and tricks for Blog Data Highlighter Tool

Tips and tricks for Blog Data Highlighter Tool


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Data highlighter is a strongest tool of Google; you will find this in Google Webmaster tools. The main purpose of data highlighter is tech the Google about your site data structure. Thus Google can present your Blog data more attractively in a new ways in search results. Data highlighter also has a great impact on the Google Knowledge Graph. You can see one of my post got rich snippet with star rating.

star rating

Supported data types

Data highlighter support different types of data on any site. This is just for teaching Google about the data structure. Such as-
  • Articles
  • Events
  • Local Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Products
  • Software Applications
  • Movies
  • TV Episodes
  • Books

Though we will highlight the Blog posts, So we will highlight only the Blog’s Articles. And to do this we have to select Articles type.  The following Tips and tricks might be helpful for Highlighting Blog Data.

Step 1 Go to and Log in there with your Google account.

highlighter tool

Step 2 Now Under Choose a verified site select your site by clicking on Please select a site drop down option. If you didn't find your site then click on Add site now button for add your site now.

Step 3 For start highlighting under Overview tab just click on red color START HIGHLIGHTING button form top right corner.  Alternatively under About tab click on blue color Stat Highlighting button.

select domain

Step 4 Now complete the field with your Blog URL and select Blog type by clicking on drop down option.  Select Articles and also select Tag this page and other s like it by clicking on radio button. It will redirect you in Data highlighter page. Now we have 4 tasks for highlighting and we have to go step by step-
  • Tag first page
  • Create page set
  • Tag more examples
  • Review and Publish

Step 5 You will see your Blog site at left panel and data items at right panel.  There has written some required fields like Title, Author, Date Published, Image and Category. That means for highlighting your Blog data those information must be display on your Blog home page.

tag homepage

Step 6 In this stage we will Tag first page. Just  block any post title by using mouse pointer and an option will expend. From there select Title. Again Block Author name and from option select Author. So complete one by one by highlighting Title, Author, Date Published, Image and Category option. You will see after highlighting the data highlighted information including at right side panel under My Data Items. After that, click on red color DONE button from top right corner of the screen.  If any information missing then it will say missing information. But if your site hasn’t enough information for highlighting then click on Continue Anyway button.

create page set

Step 7 In this stage we will Create page set Now a popup window will open for creating a page set. It will automatically generate 50 to 65 pages for highlighting. Under Name field write any page set name. After that, click on blue color Create page set button.

complete tag

Step 8 You will be return on data highlighter page. And you will see your data will be automatically highlighted by highlighter Tools. If data is generating accurately then just click on red color NEXT button. So another page will show and highlighter Tools automatically generate data. If you see data is not accurately generated then just click on Remove page button from top right corner of the screen.  As  a result highlighter Tools will generate information from other page and display the information at right side bar. So after highlighting 5 pages highlighter tools will tell you for continue tagging with warning message We don't recommended publishing this page set   so from there click on Continue tagging button. And Tag more examples if Google doesn't understand your page structure.

my data items

Step 9 Tag at least 10 page for better understanding. After that click on red color DONE button from top right corner of the screen. If further review need then Highlighter tool will display a message in popup window that Further Review needed, so from there click on Continue reviewing button. After completion click on Highlighter tool will display all the tagged pages with details page info.

Step 10 Finally click on Publish button from top right corner of the screen. If any warning message display with popup then simply click on Publish anyway button for publishing your data highlighter page.

publish data page

This tutorial is bit complicated but I have tried to explain simply. Still if you think that you have confusion then feel free to leave a comment below. I will reply you as soon as possible. 
Sudhakar S says: 7/29/2015

how to highlight pages of self hosted wordpress blogs

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/29/2015

Hi Sudhakar..You should register with Google Webmaster tools first and after that submit sitemap of your wordpress Blog there. and simply start highlighting. Remember that your post must display Author name, Categories, Publish date just like my Blog post. Otherwise it will show some error. ^_^

bestlaptops1122 says: 6/09/2016

its is ofcourse very useful but i want to know that how many posts/pages we can highlight is there any limit ? my site has more then 7 thousand posts how may i should highlight,my site is bloomyworld

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 6/10/2016

Hi Atiq. If your site structure Google Highlighter can detect properly then you have to highlight only 10 posts. And rest of them Google will detect by their search robot. But if can't identify your website structure then you have to highlight more than 20/30 page. You must highlight post title, description, post Image, publish date, author etc. :)

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