Google Doodle For Quarterfinals #2 - Bangladesh vs. India

Google Doodle For Quarterfinals #2 - Bangladesh vs. India

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Google Doodle

Whenever we open Google Browser then it shows some animated image above Google search box. This is actually called Google Doodle. But this is unknown by many web visitors. So we should know what actually Google Doodle?

The Google Doodle is an artistic version of the Google logo. Actually Google Doodles represent events like holidays, anniversaries, or current events.  Suppose in an historical day then you will see related artistic version in Google search engine. Google Doodle is sometime display country specific home pages while others appeared globally. Suppose something important about national matter then Google will display the doodle on that country's user but other nations won't able to see that.

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Today is March 19, 2015  Cricket World Cup 2015 - Quarterfinals #2 - Bangladesh vs. India. So If you open your Google chrome or Google based browser then you will see Cricket World Cup 2015 - Quarterfinals #2 - Bangladesh vs. India doodles.  There are millions of people enjoying the match with this Google is also giving reminder about the games by using Google Doodle for those who aren't aware about it.

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Another feature of Google Doodle that you will able to share the latest doodles by clicking on share icon at the top right corner of the doodle. Alternatively you can copy the link and directly paste it you your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or other social networking profiles.

This is really amazing feature of Google and they have made their search engine more attractive thus user will stick with it. People also can enrich their knowledge by knowing the information about holidays, anniversaries, or current events.

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