How to perform AdSense linking with Google Analytics?

How to perform AdSense linking with Google Analytics

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This is bit though for understand AdSense linking with Google Analytics. You are using AdSense but not getting enough revenue according to expectation and the site performance, in this case you can link your Adsense with Google Analytics thus you can monitor site performance. Actually you will see how well AdSense is performing for you.

We knows that AdSense is all about a money making product of Google. After linking your AdSense accounts, you can see how well they are paying you.

After AdSense linking with Google Analytics you will be benefited 2 ways-

  • You can check the Audience Overview report to see whether you’re getting right volume of traffic that will help to boost your AdSense revenue according to expectations.
  • In addition you can check your page layout that will inform your that you have placed ads in appropriate place. and you are using appropriate sized ads that best fit your Blog.
So just follow the below steps for linking AdSense

Step 1 Go the and Sign in to your account 
Step 2 Click on Access Google Analytics and From Analytics dashboard click on Admin from top navigation.

Step 3 Now Under Click on ACCOUNT Drop Down option and Select you Google Analytics account that you want to link with AdSense.  


Step 4 Now Google Analytics management setting page will appear. From there Locate POPERTY and at that column click on AdSense Linking.

configure link

Step 5 You will see now your AdSense Publisher ID like pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and click on AdSense for Content radio button. After that click on blue Continue button.

AdSense property

Step 6 Under Link configuration select a view All Web Site Data. And click on blue color Enable Link button. Finally click on Done button.

AdSense link

That's all. It will take up to 24 hours for your AdSense link to display data. Now you will able to see the AdSense performance and relevant traffic flow. After analyzing the data you can take further action to increase your AdSense revenue. Thank you. 

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