Appropriate Post Image Dimension for Facebook Fan Page

How to make shared Image thumbnail larger on Facebook?

image for facebook fan page

Blogger always share posts on various social media sites. In that case image plays an important role for diverting viewers mind. So image size will change the viewers behavior. For example, small image is not always suitable or clearly view able  by readers. In that case large image more effective where readers can see it more clearly. Though formerly we were unable to attach large thumbnail in Facebook fan page but now it is very easy to add larger images with big thumbnail. But there are a minimum and maximum image resolution which will display with large thumbnail. But if you attach picture with lower dimension then image will resize to smaller.  

There has a precondition to add larger image thumbnail which is image dimension and some other factors. Such as-
  • You post link MUST be shared, not attached.
  • Your Blogger template must have og: meta tags.
  • Facebook og:image meta tag must be set and contain the correct image URL.
  • Image dimension listed in og:image meta tag should be minimum is 560px X 292px and maximum 1200px X 627px.

However you can resize image with photo editing tools and upload it on facebook while sharing the content link. If you are using 560px X 292px image then you can directly share link from your feed proxy.
I am showing you how we can add larger image thumbnail on facebook profile. Please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and Log in to your Facebook Account 

Step 2 And copy the link from your Blog or RSS feed.

Step 3 Now Paste the copied link to Facebook Status. It will automatically generate Image.

upload image

Step 4 If generated thumbnail displaying small image then Resize the Image by Photo editing tools. with minimum 700px X 300px. And upload the image by Upload Image option.

resize image

Step 5 Finally hit the Enter from keyboard or press on Post button.  

You will able to see the larger image thumbnail on Facebook fan page. easily. This is simple trick but many users don't know. Generally they think facebook automatically resize image large to small. But if we share the minimum dimensional images then Facebook will display large image thumbnail.
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