How to Create a Support Us Badge Online for Blog Promotion?

How to Create a Support Us Badge Online for Blog Promotion?


Those who are using support us widget then might see small beautiful Badge which can be create different Photo editing software. It is often required software using knowledge to create something unique Badge but this is not possible for newbie. In addition users many not have any Photo editing software in their PC or Laptop. So in this case we can use our desired Badge through online Tools.

The most easiest online tool is where we can create a Badge by following some steps. And it will take less than 5 minutes to get your desired Badge. For creating your Support Us Badge kindly follow the below steps-

Step 1 First go to

Step 2 You will see Left Text and Right Text with color change option. Write your Blog Name in 2 

fields. You can change Font and text color by using Text and Background color option. You can change the 

Font by clicking on Pixel or Small link.

Cool Text

Step 3 For changing Outer and Inner Border color change the color option also. You will see the preview 

of the Badge that is changing instantly after changing the options.

border color

Step 4 Select the width of the Badge. If you want to make Auto width then simply put tick on Auto Width 

option. But for custom width select the value of the width from Image width option.

Download image

Step 5 Now Click on Create Logo button it will redirect to another page and from that page click on 

Download Image link. you Badge will download in your PC.

Isn't it Amazing!!! by following some easy steps now anybody can create a beautiful badge for their Blog.  note that all image Badge or logo image will be come with .gif format. However to use this badge you must have to upload it in any image hosting server. After hosting the image file you will get the Image URL for further use.

Though I have shown you to create Bade only but you can create beautiful Logo for your Blog by using preloaded design from which is really professional. 
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মোঃখায়রুজ্জামান বাপ্পি says: 1/12/2015

Nice Post Sir.
Flicker Image Gallery কি?
Flicker Image Gallery ব্লগ থেকে তুলবো কিভাবে?

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 1/12/2015

Flickr widget add korte chaile nicer Tutorial link visit koro---

Anonymous 4/04/2016

I don't understand how this works ?

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 4/04/2016

Hi Enri.. this is an online tool to create badge. just visit and create badge by using their options. :go

Jon Snow says: 9/03/2016

Interesting post ! Incidentally , if anyone have been needing to merge PDF or PNG files , my friend found a service here

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