How to use Strikethrough in Blogger Blog Post?


Strikethrough is rarely use in Blogging but this feature has significance for closing or hiding, restoring a topic. Strikethrough also known as strikes out. Suppose you have publish a Blog post previously and now you are trying to update the content. So by adding new text and including strikethrough on previous text you can present your content to your readers.

This is a Demo For Strike Through feature.

In case of Google Blogger we release different widget code and after certain period of time the widget may not work or after updating the code you will see widget is working. So in this case Blogger can apply strikethrough feature upon older code thus readers can understand the older code is no longer work. So in this tutorial I will show you how we can use Strikethrough in Blogger Blog Post.

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger account and go to Dashboard

Step 2 From the Dashboard, click New Post. If you are currently viewing your blog, in the upper right corner click New Post. Or you can click on New Post from Blog Overview. If you want to apply strikethrough on older post then Edit any older post.

Step 3 Now compose your post and select text which you want to apply strikethrough function.

Step 4 After blocking the text simply click on Strikethrough icon from Formatting toolbar.

writing panel

Step 5 After that Publish/Update your Blog post and check it in your Blog.

you have successfully applied strikethrough on your Blog post text.

How to remove strikethrough from Blogger Blog Post?

However if you want to remove strikethrough from any particular text then again block the strikethrough text and again click on Strikethrough icon from Formatting toolbar. That's it  strikethrough will disappear automatically.

Hope you have learn how to apply and remove strikethrough feature from Blogger Blog Post. For any further help feel free to write us.


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