Yahoo integrating indoor maps into their mapping product

Yahoo integrating indoor maps into their mapping product

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Yahoo trying to pull up their search engine and already brought some improvement. But most of the cases they are borrowing idea from Google. Though Yahoo associate with Bing but they have plan to become separate after certain improvement. Now Yahoo and Bing are walking through same track. They are deriving idea from Google for better improvement.
We know that last time Yahoo was developing Business place listing in their search engine and now this time Yahoo started to integrate indoor maps in their mapping product which has recently upgraded. Google has already developed this feature but for Yahoo it’s too late. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer don’t want to depend on Google in “local” search.
To integrate indoor map yahoo is not doing the whole job by itself rather they are taking help of popular mobile company Nokia. Because for a certain number of years Nokia has been collecting mapping venues under different categories. And Nokia has already collected 1000 venues of 45 countries.
However Yahoo is now emphasizing on enrich their search engine. By including maps users would able to get a rich user experience. Still Yahoo didn’t disclose any information about mobile extension of this indoor mapping venues.

Functions of Indoor Map

Indoor map contain several functions such as user will get better user experience in College campus, shopping mall, airport, Hospitals, Stadiums and many more. Beside of this it can contribute to improved online-to-offline ad tracking.

In addition when a mobile user uncovered to an ad and visit a hospital or a shopping mall they user can capture the ways.
Yahoo is doing very well but it seems that Marissa Mayer trying to boost yahoo by all means. However for this improvement yahoo don’t have to spend big amount of money. And this kinds of step by step improvement can recover yahoo’s old image. 

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