Google is changing their search Layout with Bigger Title and no underline

New Google Search Layout Has No Underlines, Makes Titles Bigger

new search engine

Google is changing their products and search engine algorithm time to time. And in this time Google is experimenting their new search layout which hasn’t any underline and also all the Title is showing bigger than before.

This new search layout maybe tested first in US and Europe but now it is visible in Asian countries also. Few days ago Goggle search engine was visible to me without any underline and with Bigger Title but I thought that this was loading problem. But today several time it is appearing in my Search Engine result. For this reason I am writing little bit about this.

search engine without underline
Current search layout with Underline and Medium Title Font

What changes Brought by Google in New search layout?

The most noticable changes are as follows-
  • Large Title for both Paid and organic search result
  • Removed underline from Paid and organic search result but appearing on mouse over.
  • In some pages Paid search result is not seeming.
  • Google has also added new Font
  • Font size has increased for titles as a result limited character is displaying.
  • Permalink is not showing on search result. Only displaying site link and post label.
  • In description text using gray color instead of black. It will help to highlight Title text rather description.

Google new search engine
New search layout with Underline and Medium Title Font 

Due to this kinds of changes some website’s Title on search result is not perfectly fitting. Those who are publishing content with long title their post title may not visible completely. In addition if you add extra word or sentence with your Blog or website Name then the total name won’t show. After few character it will show with dot (….).

For this new change Google may display ads in different way. Several experiments also taken by Google like, Half page ads, also known as giant ads.
We know that Google display paid ads in different background color. Sometime Google is displaying ads with yellow background. But sometime ads are not displaying above and right side of organic search result. Paid and organic search result just separating by using a line.
Though we are not used to see the new looks but still Google is testing the results that how searchers behavior change with it. But I think this kinds of changes make more effective for searchers. Because using large Title Google trying positive way to approaching searcher. However we are waiting for the new search layout for better performance of search engine.
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