Matt Cutts: Avoid writing content with too technical or simply not understandable language

Matt Cutts: Avoid writing content with too technical or simply not understandable language


Webmaster constantly engage on writing topic for their website and blog. Because content is the heart of any site website. Good writing added extra value on content quality. But what actually the writing style should followed by webmaster?
Most of the cases, webmaster use too technical or simply not understandable language on their content as a result general readers don’t understand the real meaning of the words that used on article.
According to Matt Cutts we should write content very simply and understandable language.
"So you see this sort of revival of people who are interested in things like 'explain it to me like I'm a 5-year-old'."
But Cutts also added that you don’t have to be very easy language that dumb your writing quality to make it more understandable. However use simple standard language that regular people can get it. You can also include scientific terms, the lingo whatever it is.
Ben Holland from Phoenix, AZ asked a question-
Should I write content that is easier to read or more scientific? Will I rank better if I write for 6th graders?
In response to this Matt Cutts released video on 26th February 2014. You can view the latest released video from Google's Matt Cutts to get the answer that how actually our content should write for different level of readers which can easily understandable.

Most of the webmaster publish an article by deep research and enrich with deep knowledge to have better rank on search engine result pages. But ultimately there are many general readers who are really interested to read the article but due to lack of technical knowledge and vocabulary won’t understand that what actually webmaster want to say.
According to Matt Cutts, whatever the concept try to pull interested people in content by explaining better understandable language.
Cutts said. "So I would argue, first and foremost, you need to explain it well, and then if you can manage to do that while talking about the science or being scientific, that's great."
In addition try to explain better way an important topic that can ensure your readers which is easily understandable.
On the other hand, you have to judge your level of readers.  Suppose your website or Blog readers are from higher professional level then you shouldn’t write content too general way that can downgrade your content quality in the reader’s eye.  
But if you are receiving readers from wider group or mixed group then you must maintain a balance between both levels of people you might targeted.
For professional audience you can use scientific terms but for general audience try to make something is natural sounding as possible. Cuts also suggested a tried-and-true techniques that over the year people are using excessive keywords that makes a content unclear to read.
Nevertheless don’t use highly technical words and scientific terms that exclude big chunk of audiences. Because your audience are not understanding and you won’t be a good writer in the eye of your readers.

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