Google has taken action on a large guest blog network

Google’s Matt Cutts: We’ve Taken Action On A Large Guest Blog Network

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Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, warned about Guest Blogging 21st January 2014 and that was only warning but today morning he made an announcement on his Twitter profile that Google has taken action on “a large guest blog network.”


At the end of January Matt Cutts was focus Guest Blogging for link building and he has warned to Webmaster and SEO community that if they try to gain backlinks by Guest Blogging then Google will take proper action against them. But initially they are taking action against large guest Blog network.

Previously we have seen before taking action against any popular site Google mention the name but still they didn't reveal the name that which Blog networks are going to be penalize. However it is clear to me that those Guest blog network who are participating in unnatural link building strategy those will get penalty. Because Google can detect those sites from their Webmaster tools.


The effect of this penalty will be rapid drop rank on search engine result pages for the blog or web site and specific pages of the site. As a result those who build link by submitting guest article they will be affected too. Because their site link will be in penalized site and Google will easily collect the information from those site.

This is really alarming to those Blogger who are publishing guest article and providing do-follow link. It this time Google has targeted largest guest blogger network but it is not so far that Google will take action against all small blog who publish guest article and instead this providing link back to Guest writer.

So if you have already published Guest article you should take proper step right now. Its better to remove the Guest writer link but alternatively you can make all the links no-follow.

Google has targeted recently and the owner of this network site Ann Smarty wrote in twitter that myblogguest has been against paid links but matt Cutts team decided to penalize them. First she was determined that their publishers will not be penalized. Still she is confused but suspect the publishers will indeed be hit, but she is asking to Matt Cutts about that.


However Matt Cutts said guest blogging is dead. So Webmaster beware about your Blog because next your bog or website may affected by Google only for Guest Blogging even you are not participating in paid link.

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