‘Bing Saves’ Beta version is Now Live

‘Bing Saves’ Beta version is Now Live

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Bing is continuously working to improving their search engine. Though Bing is much backward than Google but they are trying to progress time to time.
It almost one month ago giant company Microsoft begin a test on their search engine which will save the searchers URLs and Search into searchers personal account. But for this you must have Bing/Microsoft account. This feature will help a user to build a personal search index and later the user can easily get the link from the index. Actually the main purpose of this feature is not save searcher’s time.
Microsoft named this new search feature as ‘’Bing Saves’’. Within one month they has completed this formation of the feature and now it is live on Beta version.
Though Bing has released just Beta version and need time to give a proper shape on this feature, however you can try this by go to following link.
  • http://www.bing.com/saves
While you will use then you would see ‘’SAVES beta’’ written at the top of the Bing navigation.

However Bing has written on their disclaimer page that this feature is currently running for experiment so saved data may not be available later. You can get the disclaimer link at the bottom of the page. For further help you can also Contact the Bing Saves Team by clicking on link.
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