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Webmasters was crazy about link building by adding link on others comment box or by Guest blogging or some other methods. There are many webmaster who hire Freelancer for commenting on other blog for leaving comments with their Blog or Website links. As a result after publishing the comment Webmaster get a link back in their Blog or Website.

Google has started penalizing this kinds of site and already many popular site lost their position from Search engine result pages. Either their link is showing at the bottom of the first page or it is appearing after 10 number page of search result. So there are a dramatic fall of Organic Traffic Flow. Few Weeks ago Google has penalize large Guest Blogging networks MyBlogGuest and they are now sufferer.

And from the Google's Matt Cutt's statement it's pretty clear that they will go for penalty against small site's.

But there is a good news that link builder become conscious and Webmasters are now trying to be safe from Google Penalty by link removal request. And they are becoming successful.  

Few days ago I have received an email from Jenny Thompson on behalf of Think Big Online website. They have requested to remove the link from my site (BloggerSpice) which they have created previously. The original email is like below.

link removal email

This is really appreciable that they have identify their fault that this is against Google Webmaster Guidelines. I think we should learn from them that those who are still leaving comment with hidden link in comment section they should be aware about this. Because This is no more allowed by Google and your site maybe get penalty anytime. Maybe your site block or delete by Google  anytime if you are using Google Blogger platform.

However those who are wants to get ride from Google penalty and make safe your Blog or Website then you should identify the sites where you have leave your blog address in comment box and after identifying the link write a link removal or comment removal email humbly. If the webmaster remove your comment then you will be lucky otherwise your site will be in danger very soon.

In case of my Blog I am receiving many Spammy  comments that I really don't publish. But some of the comments I publish which is really good but with hidden link. My Comment section is completely no-follow and commentator's open and hidden link won't be visible. So ultimate losers are those commentator who are adding hidden link for getting backlinks. If you are a real reader then you should leave comments about your problems and it must be without open and hidden link. If you need to share your site link then kindly send me to my email to solve your problem, I will reply you as soon as possible. There are many popular website started sending link removal request and become success. Hope you would start soon.  If you wish you can share with us that what initiative you have taken for link removal from other's site?
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