Navigate Your world through Fastest Route by Google Maps App

Navigate Your world through Fastest Route by Google Maps App

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Google Map

Google bring smashing features on Google maps. Google’s Jeff Huber officially announced that Google Maps Application now searching for faster route.

Suppose we can go from one destination to another destination in different way but Google Maps Application from now constantly search for fastest route where traveler can go through shortest way quickly. This update have brought on iOS version of Google Maps app.

While you are driving the new Google Maps app (iOS Version) will send you notification if it found any fastest route. That means now you would able to save more time and money. This is currently released only iOS version 2.6.0 and you would also get Android version of this application.

However this apps is very popular after releasing with new features announcement. Within one day total number of apps download over 10 million times.

Google Maps

You can see the notification by Google Maps app while it find any shortest distance route. This will improve map app user experience amazingly. 

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