Google Webmaster: How to Stop receiving notification email?

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Google blog user receive various notification email time to time but all email are not important. However sometime this email notification from Google seems to annoying for webmaster. Many webmaster don’t want to receive this email notification.
Nevertheless though your email address is associated with your Google Account so you will receive notification often. There are some important issue that Google must send you email with immediate notification about Malware affected on your site. Because search engine may block this type of affected Blog or website.
However you can control this notification whether Google send messages to your email or in your mobile phone. In addition you can specify which type of message you want to receive from Google. To set the email notification just follow the below steps
Step 1 Go to Google Webmaster Tools and Sign in to account

Step 2 Now click on any site  (If you have more than 1 blog site).

Step 3 Click the Gear icon and then click Webmaster Tools Preferences.


Step 4 Now unchecked the box beside Enable email notifications.


Congratulation you have successfully done the job. Now you won’t receive any email notification from Google often.

There are some urgent notification must know by Webmaster otherwise your site may affect badly. So you must be careful about this email notification setting. 
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