Content Marketing: Coming Back to the Basics You Have Gone Past By

Content Marketing: Coming Back to the Basics You Have Gone Past By

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There isn’t a dearth of literature dedicated to the exercise of content marketing. While some offer amazingly smart and quirky ways to get that audience, others suggest a more grounded approach. Unfortunately, with all the clamor around perching your website on top in shortest possible time, you have not been giving the latter a lot of attention lately. Looking to fast-track your growth, you have been trying all sorts of things, even resorting to spending money which can easily be saved. However, to say that you are satisfied worth the results would only be an attempt to veil the inefficiencies.

This is when the root-level approaches come calling. And these root level method of performing content marketing have delivered success for a variety of businesses unfailingly – particularly those who have stayed true to the basics.

Let’s look at some content marketing ways that will continue to weave magic for businesses using them:

Make a Roadmap

It all starts with a plan, and with a clear idea who you are writing for. Draw out your audience’s demographics, location, etc. before you go ahead and list down categories you will be including on the site. Get it absolutely clear in your head whether you are writing just to pass of some useful information, or the web content deals more with promoting your product line and discounts. Apparently, the whole tone of the language differs in either case.

Do not Let the Content Stagnate

Think from your visitor’s perspective, would you come to a website on a regular basis if it offers nothing new? At the end of the day, we want something to come along every once in a while. And if you fail to offer that, you aren’t helping your business. If you have a service website where you have categories like About Us, Services, Values, Vision and Mission, you obviously can’t update those frequently. But you can help your portal by creating a blog section on it and hiring expert writers who know the trade and have the requisite writing skills to make the blog an interesting place to come back to every once in a while. When you are running a blog that is being updated on a frequent basis, you are also helping your website rank better in search engines.

Keywords are Still Important

If you have been too wary of the keyword concept, it must be said that you only need to be wary of it if you intend to stuff your website with redundant keywords. If however you use relevant keywords in right measure, Google will only oblige by ranking you higher. Stop making your writers force keywords in the content. Not only that makes your content look clumsy and unreadable, the moment Google detects the overdone keywords, it doesn’t waste a lot of time in penalizing you.

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Keep the Jargons Off the Map

You might be running a blog around IT services. In that case, using certain jargons might serve you well as your content is being viewed by the experts. But if you are offering content services, keep jargons at bay since the folks seeking your services may not be adept at the language and its technicalities. Particularly in blogs, make them very readable and understandable so that the general audience and easily comprehend, and thus, share it further.

Seed the Content

The content seeding is usually associated with creating conversations across different forums and blogs. You can look for blogs relating to your industry. If for instance, you are running a website of an airliner and promoting their offers and discounts. It would serve you well if you join certain travel forums – trip advisor, virtual tourist count among the top. The audience on these forums is looking for updates and offers and would present you a keen ear. Also, look for blogs centered on travelling and comment on them. The comments should sound authentic and don’t just randomly post links to your website or offers, as they would most likely be removed by the moderator.

Giving your content wings to spread depends entirely on you. Just follow the basics and keep a close eye on the results.

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Guest Post by Mike Swan
Mike Swan is a blogger by mood and web designer by profession. He gives ideas for converting PSD to wordpress theme and loves to share his thoughts on social media.
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