Bing’s new ranking factors may cause lower Search Ranking

Bing’s new ranking factors may cause lower Search Ranking

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Microsoft Bing’s Duane Forrester Sr. Product Manager recently published a blog post on Bing Webmaster Blog that their search engine will consider some factor which can give a site lower rank. The factors are as follows-
  • Poor grammar
  • Typos (typographical error)
  • Poor Language
If you are a Blog owner and writing and publishing post with grammatical, typographical error as well as using poor language then your site would be lower position on search engine result pages.
According to DuaneForrester “just as you’re judging others’ writing, so the engines judge yours.”
That means Bing search engine will see your content that how you have written. Also it will check for any kinds of error or not. Content with error readers may stop reading, similarly poor quality content with error Bing search engine will stop ranking on higher on their search engine.
Duane mainly express that if you any readers or by yourself feel problem to read articles for typo which you don’t like then why search engine will display this kinds of content on higher position in search engine.


Bing will see the patterns of content and if they find poor language with grammatical mistake and typographical error then it will negatively impact on your site’s search ranking.
Bing is standing strongly against poor quality Blogs and websites. It is really tough to get higher rank on Bing search engine but if you can publish higher quality content without any error then there is a chance to get top position on Bing search engine and that may bring big chunk or traffic in your site.
For writing standard and quality content you may use MSWord for composing your post and it will easily help to find out any grammatical error and typo. In addition you can use different words and synonyms by the help of MSWord. Hope you would get better rank on Bing search engine by writing error free quality content or article. 

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