YouTube streamlines New Comment Controlling system with automated filters

YouTube streamlines New Comment Controlling system with automated filters


We know that YouTube is currently using Google Plus commenting system and you can make a comment on YouTube as well as can be publish comment on your Google plus profile. But YouTube uncovers a new comment controlling page with automated filters where you can add name, email address for approved users, Banned Users and Blacklisted. That made the whole YouTube commenting system awesome. But the commenting system is still Google Plus.

The new comment moderation system work under a Dashboard and user would able to interact with commentators in one place for uploaded videos.

However you would see the previous functions are remain same. Such as approve, deny, flag comments for spam or abuse, report, give thumbs up, watch pages and reply.

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Automated Filters for Approve, Ban or Blacklist comments

In this improved comment controlling system YouTube will allow the creators to streamline actions. And for this action YouTube has set up filters. (e.g. approved users, banned users and blacklist). And the video author allowed comments on his or her own videos and channel.

Previously I have said under comment setting Approved and Banned users can be can be isolated by their name and email address. However in case of Blacklist users they would be simply banned by video author. In addition, video creator or channel owner can use these features as their weapons. Whatever they want they can do before publishing a comment.

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Author can also control unwanted content from authorize users also. Because before publishing it will go in moderation form before get publish. So YouTube comment system is now stronger and dedicate to fight against Spam. Anyhow nobody can do Spam because Google will recognize them easily.

Comment Ranking Based on Contribution

We know about Facebook commenting factor I mean EDGE rank that if your activity is higher then your rank will be higher. Similarly Google Plus will play this role to pull you bottom to top by giving comment rank. When more visitors will make comment and make contribute to your channel then your rank will be higher in comment thread. But there has a condition that contributors must have strong Google background that means higher rank on Google. It may Google author rank which will work well. As well as your content will be higher when a searcher will make relevant query something.

Not only this features but also Google will bring soon some more amazing features such as in-line replies or expanding all replies. Don’t forget that Google is leading in all sector no doubt they will make something unique and user friendly.
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