Yandex will get full access to Facebook ‘Firehose’ Public Data

Yandex Facebook ‘Firehose’


Maybe we are not well acquainted with Yandex, this is a leading search engine in Russia. Yandex has announced about a partnership agreement with Facebook by a press release on 14th January 2014. According to the agreement Facebook will give Yandex full access to their Facebook firehose for “public” content published in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries and Turkey. In those countries Yandex also operates and as soon as possible Yandex will index  the content data.

Earlier Yandex got full access to the Twitter firehose. Beside of this Russians popular  and leading social media networking site vKontakte should work with Yandex but in Russia Facebook become more popular as social media site where facebook is working to become leader among Russian social media sites. For this reason Yandex has chooses Facebook for firehose data to make them more strength. vKontakte curently known as “VK,” and Yandex has not access to their firehose.

Search Engine

In Yandex official site they have also confirmed that Facebook content will be used to “improve” Yandex’s search results. Content or videos within Facebook will be display in Yandex’s search results. But not only that Yandex will help improve freshness. Yandex’s search results will display Facebook users’ profiles and public posts, articles and in the near future it will display users comments. But don't worry about your privacy, those  profiles and posts which are marked by “Private” will not be searchable on search engine.

Initially, the Facebook content will be visible in blog search, but very soon it will go to the main search results.

As a leading Russian Search Engine Yandex very popular and it indexes blog hosting services, microblogs and social networks. Webmaster can also submit their blog sitemap for indexing in their search engine. Luckily BloggerSpice's sitemap has submitted in Yandex search engine 4 months ago and receiving traffic from Russia too. But you must register with Yandex as well as you would get email service from them.

Anyway hope Yandex and Facebook partnership will make search better in search results.
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