Twitter is booming with Redesigned Web Interface

Twitter is booming with Redesigned Web Interface


Twitter is largest social media site among the social media world. However get little backward because of not creating any exceptional widget or plugins. This was really surprise that twitter has released couple of news updates that it is associating with Epsilon to offer target ads via tailored audiences. Twitter is just rolling out their new web interface which is quite charming.

According to Twitter news updates they will do 2 things for tailored audiences.

  • It will offer a new way highly targeted ads for higher engagement of audiences.
  • Redesigning their website for rapid booming.

SecureConnect technology for Highly Targeted Ads

First of all twitter announced that there are partnering with Epsilon to use their technology as a result twitter can promote their campaign for highly target audience and can be offer best match CRM. This technology name is SecureConnect where marketers can directly blow into their own audience and able to focus on narrow segments. As a result, narrow segmentation will ensure higher engagement of audience. Nevertheless financial terms of the deal won’t be available instantly. 

Redesigning their website for rapid booming.

There are a long time that twitter is not bringing any change on their site. But a good news twitter just announced via tweet about their website. It is just rolling out their website’s newest version.

  • Original twitter message was just like below-
‘’we're now rolling out a refreshed reflecting the look & feel of our iOS& Android apps.’’


We can understand that twitter will first refurbish iOS and Android apps and after that they will redesign twitter’s official site. Which, as they say, reflect those two stuffs.

Its tool late but twitter has taken right decision to redesign their site. So we hope to see something fresh and new looks of twitter which make the twitter excel in social media world. 
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