Trends of E-commerce site in 2014

Trends of Ecommerce site in 2014

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Maintaining an E-commerce site is most challenging because the trends are changing. We have seen many changes in the mid of 2013 but there are new challenges are ahead for e-commerce.  Those who have develop their e-commerce site in last year they have to redesign their site to walk with the new phase of trends. There are some reason that we should follow the trends.

Responsive design for more traffic

Today’s world can be say a revolutionary time for smart device. Users also increasing day by day. For this reason website traffic source has changed. Now over 25% traffics are coming from smart device and visitors are stop using desktop computer rapidly. So to get traffic from smart device user your e-commerce site must redesign for smart device support which we call responsive web design.

According to trend majority of e-commerce are thinking to change their website to responsive because this is the trend. And your website will perfectly fit on any smart device is your site create with responsive coding.

Adapted Marketing and Upsell Strategies

E-commerce site is now facing more challenge because you would see same product and services are providing almost all e-commerce site. Everybody is offering coupon, Discount, Special offer so competition is now much higher than before. Now we have to think about each and every customer individually. In addition we have to increase our service quality than others to capture the biggest market.

You can simply use up-sell method of offering the customer related content or up-sells. Because this can be track by previous purchased or viewed product. Beside of this you can offer 24 hour customer help service where customer will get their solutions from your e-commerce site.

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Robust pattern for customer engagement

E-commerce site layout also a biggest factor to engage visitor for longer time. Former sites contain only products and information about the company but now visitors become more proactive and looking for robust pattern of site. So according to latest trend you have to work hard and have to become innovative to grab customer.

Make Highly SEO friendly site

Assume that your site is responsive with robust design and you have taken adaptive marketing strategy but if your site is not highly Search Engine optimizer friendly then you may not receive desired traffic as a result you conversion rate will very few. So try to hire SEO consultant to take your site at top position on search engine result page along with higher rank.

If you haven’t designing knowledge then you can hire someone to make your e-commerce site awesome.
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