Rules To Keep Google’s Brand New Search Engine Happy

Rules To Keep Google’s Brand New Search Engine Happy

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Till the middle of 2013 Google search engine was favorable place for millions of blog and website. But after installing Google’s brand new search engine huge blog and website suddenly buried at the bottom of search results. Many raising blogger already stopped blogging because there are drastically traffic fall. Those blog whose daily page view was more than 10,000 it is now receiving less than 1000 right now.

However as a smart blog owner you’ll want to keep some rules in mind that make your content hummingbird happy. There are some rules that you should follow to play with Google Humming Bird algorithm.

#1. Build Smart Device Friendly Site

Google’s new search engine mostly focus on smart device (e.g mobile, tab) user which is completely hands free. And now people are using voice for searching. So your site must be smart device friendly in other word responsive site. Though the search habits are incredibly changing so design and maintain your website for real human beings to go further.

#2. Focus on Context More Than Keywords

Hummingbird is designed to “listen” to conversational queries that make by real human and those query are completely connected with your context. If you do a voice search on Google? then ask“Wheres the zoo?Then Google will give you results, after that do another voice search and simply say, “How far is it?” Then Google Search engine will give you the distance from your current location to the city in question. And this kinds of search is not possible by typing on search engine.

For this reason you must be tricky on your context rather than using keywords. The main thing is relevancy that means your topic must the related with content and keywords.

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#3. Make your site authoritative, relevant and  trustworthy

Hummingbird recognizes and values authority which can’t be obtain overnight. To make your site authoritative your site must content high quality relevant content. That can able to divert traffic and make your site trustworthy. Hummingbird must love your site.

#4. Stop practicing Black Hat SEO Forever

Black hat SEO already bated by Google Penguin algorithm updates. But still they are claiming that know the ways to “beat the Google Hummingbird system,” but ultimately they will caught by Google Hummingbird. Because don’t think this is the last released algorithm by Google maybe more surprise is waiting for us in 2014. They may introduce more algorithm updates for penalizing Black hat SEO artists.

In conclusion I have seen most of the SEO site massively advertise after revealing any algorithm updates by Google that they can beat them. But how many SEO organization success to beat Google this is a biggest question. Many website and blog owners spending lot for SEO but we must think how worthy our investment on SEO company?

There is a frank suggestion that honest effort combined with major quantities of intelligence and creativity will be always rewarded by any algorithm. So follow the above rules and keep Google’s brand new search engine happy.

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