Pinterestis improving on search and discovery by acquisition VisualGraph

Pinterestis improving on search and discovery by acquisition VisualGraph

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We know that Pinterest got popular and excel in image sharing. Graphics hungers first choice is pinterest for socializing. There are millions of people are using pinterest for pinning and repin graphics. But Pinterest is trying to improve image search and discovery on its website and mobile apps. As a result Pinterest is acquiring a company called VisualGraph.

The owner of VisualGraphare two-person and both are working. They are Kevin Jing and David Liu.Jing formerly worked on visual search at Google, and Liu also interned at Google.

Kevin Jing and David Liu combindly form VisualGraph which is an image-analysis development platform for photo-basedapplications.  This service is absolutely free for non-commercial use.


Jing and Lui describe In a note on the VisualGraph home page,  what they’ll be doing at Pinterest:

On Pinterest, millions of people are curating and sharing billions of Pins every day. And these Pins are more than just images — they link to contents that can inspire and enrich people’s lives. We are excited for the opportunity to combine machine vision with human vision and curation, and to build a visual discovery experience that is both aesthetically appealing and immensely useful for people everywhere.

From the statement Jing and Lui confirming the acquisition, according to Pinterest this acquisition will help them to build a unique technology for better understand about pinterest activity that what people are Pinning. Beside of this pinterest will be more easier for user to discover more.

Reader should know what is VisualGraph’s technology? Generally it connects images through things like face recognition, object recognition and shape/color analysis. This technology is similarly using in digital camera (e.g. face detection, Red eye, smile detection.

There are some Visual Graphics Functions are as follows-
  • Visual Graphics Function able to detect and Recognition Face from image as well as you can Add personalization to your photo collections (e.g. person tagging, person-identification, similar-face search).

  • There are another function which is Product Recommendation that will Allow shoppers to discover "visually-similar" products based on their past browsing history.
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  • Visual Search help to Make your photo-content searchable, visually, in real-time, with mobile cameras.
  • The most amazing and important function is Pornography Filtering user-uploaded photos on website.  To Keep image legal, keep it child-safe.
By acquisition VisualGraph pinterest will be greatly benefited and they will be more ahead in the field of social media. Because you would see the most popular 2 social media service Facebook, twitter are not able to filter pornography and they haven’t any face recondition facility which is bringing by Pinterest. Best of luck and congrats pinterest for those new features.
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