Pinterest revolutionize Recipe search, Personalized Home Page and functional GIF images

Pinterest revolutionize Recipe search, Personalized Home Page and functional GIF images

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Graphics hunger love Pinterest specially for image sharing. Pinterest announced a new recipe search with couple of features such as personalized homepage, functional GIF image support. So I am discuss about new changes to the new Pinterest look one by one.

1. Recipe Search

Now people are much more conscious about health and millions of people search through web about health tips. Pinterest announces that they will help with special dietary need by recipe search. As a result people now easily can search their desired recipe by category. Such as Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Paleo, Indulge me etc.


You will find a search bar at the top left site of pinterest page then just write any dish or ingredients there and hit the enter button. Instantly all recipe will visible with by filtering your search query.

2. Personalized Home Pages

Pinterest now appear with more organized and personalized way. Generally it track down your pinning activity then it will personalize your homepage. Beside of this some links will appear at the top left corner as navigation menu and this navigation menu create with collection of words and topics that you have pinned. But your personalized page will contain differently size images which is not equivalently organized. The meaning this the large image that pinned most and small one pinned by few people.

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2. GIF Images

Pinterest was testing GIF images on their platform, in the meantime some users able to see GIF image and finally 23rd January 2014 Pinterest officially announced that Pinterest supports GIF images. This means now we can upload GIF image on pinterest where display GIF animation in action.
Now if you upload a GIF image then you would see a small "play" button in the lower left-hand corner of the image. By clicking on that button image will get motion and you can also pause any animated GIF image.
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